Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Integrating Body work in Counselling : SERIES- I in August & September 2020

 Integrating Body work in Counselling

East West Center for Counselling and Training  began a series with counselling and other art forms used as therapeutic tools in August & September 2020

This series was for 4 weekend “An Online Certificate course on using Dance Movement Therapy in trauma informed approach to Counselling”

Trauma can leave one feeling disconnected from their body, their families and the world around them (Levine, 2010). “Trauma can be  defined as a sudden and forceful event or prolonged exposure to stressful life events which overtime overwhelms a person’s ability to respond. Trauma need not always involve actual physical harm to oneself; an event can be traumatic if it  contradicts one’s worldview and overpowers one’s ability to cope  where one’s sense of safety, hope and agency have severely been compromised. “ A trauma-informed approach comes from understanding the body-mind connection and how the impact of trauma affects the nervous system ,the brain’s neurological processes  and emotional regulation. Addressing  trauma by integrating body work in counselling can facilitate resource activation and healing processes.

Inviting all mental health practitioners and counsellors who wish to integrate arts in their work.


Katia Verreault – Group facilitator, dance movement therapist, dance instructor and Founder of A Moving World-We dance

Magdalene Jeyarathnam, Founder Director of East West Center for Counselling and Training

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