Sunday, April 19, 2009

Center for Counselling's support to Sahodari organisation working for transgendered women - 19 April 2009

Kalki rightly said: its a one woman show, the show belonged to Kalki right from the start to end. Congrats Sahodari Kalki

Pic 1 - Kalki and Srijith

Pic 2 - Olga, me, Kalki, Selvam(female to male transgender) and Sunil

Pic 3 - Sankari our counsellor being interviewed on Makkal TV.

Pic 4 -The signature campaign

Pic 5 - "Treat transgendered people with respect" speech..

Pic 6 - A good crowd, we had police support too.

This event was held in the Marina beach with the permission of the commissioner of police, Chennai. 

Transgendered Women – The Hunt for Dignity


In the recent days an incident reported in the newspapers may have caused a lot of confusion and fear about Transgendered women among the public. While it is a struggle for transgendered women for basic needs, it is also a struggle to gain the general community’s acceptance.


Sahodari -- an NGO founded by Kalki, a Transwoman herself -- presents:



A Street Play scripted and directed by

Kalki and Srijith (a theatre and cinema artist)


The play conveys the following message:


Transgendered women, also known as Transwomen, do not force men to change into women. Those who wish to become a Transgendered woman after much trials and struggles come in search and join the Transgender community.  Then, when and if they want to emasculate, they go for surgery.  Surgery is a choice they make – it is not forced by anyone else.


  • Families do not accept an effeminate male child. The community ridicules, mocks and bullies him, this abuse leaves deep scars. We do not send him for emotional support like counselling. These young boys run away from their homes, this is where their life path changes. If parents are understanding and accept their children their lives will not ruined. All Transgendered women are either sent out of their homes or have left, unable to cope with the pressure.


  • Transgendered women wish to be part of the society. Just like other men and women, we too make mistakes but then the entire transgender community is blamed. Even in the Transgender community a small number with power and money abuse others. Those who are victimized must be protected under the law just like anyone else.


  • When Transgendered women commit crimes and are jailed, they must be put in prisons for women. When they are imprisoned with men, they undergo sexual abuse and suffer unnecessary stress. Transgendered women must be imprisioned only with female prisoners.


“Pain” -- Poems read by Students, Artists, Social Workers and Transgendered people to convey the lives and struggles of Transgendered people.


Signature Campaign -- Following which a signature campaign in support of the rights of the transgendered women was done.



Founder/ Director

Sahodari Foundation


Phone: 9786211779


Skype: kalki-india


The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall – Nelson Mandela

More pictures of this event is in the link below: