Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feedback about our Workshop 3 - Counselling Approaches for children

Feedback from the Participants of Child Counselling Workshop 

held in the month of February


“I Learnt so much……The sessions provided an insight into the different therapeutic techniques that can be used with children and how it could be practiced in my personal life to enhance the level of thinking” Mr.Anburaj World Vision - Street Children Prevention and Rehabilitation project - Chennai


“I learnt many useful techniques that I could use in my day to day practical life…… The workshop gave everyone the opportunity to come out with our own thoughts….. ….. Hospitality was wonderful which I had never experienced in any other workshops” Mrs. M.Fatima Jessy, Counsellor, Institute of Mental Health, Chennai


 “The workshop was quite interesting…..the therapies were really useful for my profession ……..Friendly approaches were used by the trainers and the organizers Usha Saju from Saga Health Education Services.


 “I learnt that through any form of art, a child’s emotions could be portrayed easily..... The sessions made us go back to our childhood …….Hospitailty , training space and other logistics were arranged perfectely ….” Sunandini Vijayaraghavan -Nalamdana, Chennai.


 “The session were good, educative and informative......The workshop on the whole was good, well planned and organized” G. Nagharjun, Counsellor, TRP Sanjeevi Foundation Trust(Alcohol/Substance Abuse treatment center)


“The sessions were completely practical, interesting and interactive. Group discussions was very useful it was focused on practical based issues……I liked all the methodology and process of activities……I felt the workshop sessions in  a homely atmosphere and not like a class room” G. Shanmuga Latha - Reaching the Unreached, Theni District.


 “I really enjoyed the art therapy. The ideas and activities presented were very useful and is very much applicable…..The space was great very comfortable and relaxing. The snack/ tea and lunch provided were excellent …….It was a great workshop and hope to be a part of more in the future …..The workshop was a real motivator Karilyn Owen, USA, Consultant SAHAS, Mumbai


 “The session were very good and excellent …….The workshop is Dynamic” Jesuraj from St Luke's Leprosarium, Peikulam, Tamil Nadu


The workshop sessions were very practical, highly appreciative, and never felt tired or bored and involved me in thinking a lot when each therapy was used ……I learnt that Art therapy is helpful when the child has a hurt feeling and far more in expressible through words….. I liked the methodology and was amazed about the use of games, discussions, practical insights and advices because usually workshops deal only with power points and LCDs”” Nirmal Thomas from CBV Project- Compassion International.


“I liked Drama therapy and play therapy because it is very useful for a child…… In my life time this is the first picture which I have drawn without the use of a eraser” Sandhya Counsellor, SAHAS, Thane, Maharastra. 


 “The workshop with play, story telling therapy, art and drama therapy sessions were     really good” Rosa Joshi from Saga Health Education Services


“The methodology was very useful in illustrating the theory behind the therapy” Roshini kumar, Counsellor - Olcott  Memorial School, Chennai.


“The workshop sessions are very informative and interactive……. Various interactive techniques were used for counselling ……” Bama  Nalamdana, Chennai  


“The workshop was useful for me to handle counselling sessions……. I learnt the mirror activity and Role play techniques which are very useful for me” N.Vasanthi Counsellor, CHES, Chennai