Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our support to the open minds campaign

The NDTV Hindu show which had Sunil Menon, Rev Winnie Verghese, Shobhna, Gabriel, Elizabeth and me. It is in 4 segments.





There is so much discrimination at the health setting. Doctors, particularly psychiatrists, social workers and counsellors pretending or cheating people that they can "cure" or "treat" gay people. Treatment usually means "aversion" or "conversion" therapy which includes ECT often. (Electro conversion therapy or shock treatment)

An example of a psychiatrist's bias rather than her professionalism is here on the links below:

Please look up this website for further information  orinam.net

If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender and for whatever reason you have to visit a psychiatrist these are some doctors names in Chennai:

  1. Dr Suresh kumar - clinic 044- 24332285/ mobile 98400 31559/ email msuresh@vsnl.com
  2. Dr Shalini - 28514741(clinic) - 55 Triplicane High road,
  3. Dr Mohan Raj - Please call us and we could give you the number
  4. Dr Anbudurai - Please call us and we could give you the number

If you wish to go through some counselling or personal work mainly because of the trauma you have experienced or you are in a particularly stressful situation or if you wish information regarding other health services which are LGBT friendly please call us at the Center for Counselling office (9884100135). 

Call our Counselling helplines( 9 AM to 6 PM):
+91 98847 00104 (English)
+91 98847 00174 (Tamil)

If you are in a crisis, (police, rowdy harassment etc )
You could call Sangama helpline (24 hr) 98406 99776