Saturday, October 12, 2019

Dr Peter C Howie's workshops -OCT 2019

INDIAN INSITUTE OF PSYCHODRAMA conducted a series of workshops in Oct 2019, it focused on, Role training is a psychodramatic action method that applies creative and artistic processes to assist individuals to develop specific functioning that might be required for work, family, or community life. The process uses the wisdom of the group and utilises the breadth of the psychodrama method to investigate, assess, and design appropriate changes for individuals in specific contexts. Such contexts could be work, or family, or community life. Role training aims to develop interpersonal effectiveness through a specific focus on the development of one aspect of a person’s role or role system, or one defined aspect of their personality. Role training lends itself particularly to brief interventions.

Dr Peter C Howie (FACILITATOR)

Peter is a past President of ANZPA (, also Director of Training at Brisbane Campus of Psychodrama Australia and a regular contributor to several professional journals.
Since commencing his training in psychodrama and group work in 1985 in Sydney, Peter has continued designing and running group programs from 1992.
Peter has designed and delivered a wide range of experiential development and targeted training programs. Working extensively with community and public sector organisation’s, Peter runs experiential development, professional supervision, training programs and groups.
The groups enjoyed the psychodrama experience and understood different ways of using psychodrama in various work and therapeutic settings.



EAST WEST CENTER FOR COUNSELLING organised a workshop with school teachers on self care, building empathy among themselves and with the students.
It had a lot of intersting activities involving the teachers participation. The teachers enjoyed the workshop and felt relaxed. 

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY celebration in PVR sites

World Mental Health day is observed on 10th October every year with an objective to spread awareness about mental health and to abolish the stereotype around it. This day provides an opportunity for all the mental health professionals to talk about their work and emphasize on the importance of mental health.

On this note, the counsellors at East West Center for Counselling and Training helped the employees at PVR sites in celebrating World Mental Health Day by wearing a Green awareness ribbon on their uniform and taking a pledge about helping and working on their, family's and their community's positive mental health.