Sunday, August 31, 2008

Radio Programme- MOP Vaishnav College

MOP Vaishnav college for women have a FM radio station which serves the community of 5 kms radius around the college. They are doing a 22 week programme on prevention of HIV transmission from parents to children. I was the first studio guest when they launched the programme on June 26th and was invited again for their 10th episode on 28th August.

This is a call in programme and many people called to ask their doubts about HIV/AIDS.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Parenting Workshop - Olcott memorial School Chennai, August 27th 2008

Parenting Workshop - Olcott memorial School Chennai, August 27th 2008

Parents of the 9th and 10th standard students participated in the Workshop. Most of the women were working as Domestics workers, one of the man in the group was an Auto driver. Many topics were discussed. It was seen that the parents had a good insight about the issues which we planned to discuss irrespective of their educational and family background. A good discussion took place and a lot of points were contributed by the participants. They were more aware of the reality and the expectations from their children and also said that they were making an effort to meet the needs of their children inspite of their situation and circumstances.

We focused on some issues like what the parents face in bringing up the children of this age group and also issues like what they think children have.

The Developmental Mile stone for this age group (Middle Adolescents ) was discussed and presented to the group and also points and tips on some of the strategies useful in bringing up the Children.

Four day Workshop- Approaches to working with Children for Child Haven, August 21st to August 24th

Center for Counselling conducted a four day Workshop in Child Haven Kaliyampoondi, Kanchipuram District. The participants were from different branches of Child Haven.

For more information on Child haven international please look up

Our participants were from : Tamil Nadu, New Delhi, Gujarat, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, and Bangladesh and two observers from Canada.

Participants were caregivers, manager, accountant- from varied backgrounds.

The resource persons for the workshop were

  1. Mr Eric Miller, Professor - Image Animation College and the Founder of the World Storytelling Institute.
  2. Ms. Magdalene Jeyarathnam - Counsellor and Founder of CFC.
  3. Ms. Thamilarasi.S - Training manager, CFC
  4. Ms. G. Chandra – consultant for CFC and a theatre artist
  5. Ms. Mrinalini Sekhar – consultant for CFC on creative movement
  6. Ms. Roshini Kumar– Full time Counsellor and works part time with CFC

Certificates were distributed at the end of 4 days by Ms. Bonnie Cappuccino, International Director- Child Haven

The feedback and evaluation we received from the participants

“The workshop was very positive, very accepting of various view points, not judgmental, everybody had a good time and because of the group activities bonded together….”

Bonnie Cappuccino, International Director- Child Haven.

“It is the first time I enjoyed such session and I really like it so far and I hope I might be able to get a chance in future for such workshops. Few points that I learnt is that I never had any idea that by story or drawing or drama can bring out picture of life. So I liked all those ideas…” - Saiful, Coordinator, Child Haven Bangladesh.

“This workshop is wonderful. This workshop session is very interesting to our child haven whole family..”- S.B.Irudhayanathan, Child Haven Kaliyampoondi Village, Kanchipuram Dist.

“The workshop was really very good, I learnt many things. Though I attended many different counselling but this workshop was very good, which I can remember always. I would like to attend such counselling always and always…”- Mary Solomon, Child Haven Andhra Pradesh.

“I learnt many things through this workshop specially the importance of Art, Story and Drama… No doubt you all have opened my eyes. I believe it will make a great difference in reaching all our Child Haven International to their own goal..”- Dawa, Child Haven New Delhi

“The workshop was very good and helpful to children and adults. I learnt from the team many things that are important in my life..”- Kala Barot , Child Haven Gujarat

“This workshop was good. I learnt that how to live with children and how to teach them, like through games, arts, etc and activities and games were very good…”- Prakash D. Patil, Child Haven Maharashtra