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Certificate courses July 2011 to November 2012

Art therapy Certificate courses

For the first time in India, East West Center for Counselling, Chennai is introducing Art Therapy Certificate Courses

Profile of the Trainer Melba Thorn USA

Melba Thorn  M.A. MFTI, Artist BFA, Rietveltd Academy, Amsterdam. M.A. Marital and Family Therapy specializing in “Clinical Art Therapy” at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She  has used Art therapy in a variety of settings such as Substance Abuse, Cancer survivors support groups, Victims of crime, PTSD treatment, Vocational Burnout, Chronically Mentally Ill clinics as well as Individual and Family Therapy.

Beginning this July, 2011 (on weekends, month long courses) we bring you art therapy tools and techniques in working through

1.     Trauma,
2.     Grief and loss,
3.     Substance abuse,
4.     Managing vocational burn out,
5.     Couple and marriage therapy,
6.     Depression and anxiety
7.     Behavior modification training for school counsellors/ parents
8.     Personal development

A one year Diploma course in Art therapy from September 2011 to Aug 2012

Only limited seats are available per course.

For more information contact:   9884100135/ 42080810


1.    Art therapy for people experiencing trauma weekends or week days - You choose

a) Date: 4 Weekends (beginning 16 July to 7 Aug) and 
b) Dates: 
3,4 (Wed, Thurs) - Using various art techniques
10,11(Wed, Thurs) - Introduction to art therapy
17,18 (Wed, Thurs) - Art therapy in Trauma 
24,25 (Wed, Thurs) - Art therapy in Trauma   
31 Aug, 1 Sept (Wed, Thurs) - (Art therapy in Trauma )

Fees: Rs 15000/=

This one month long course will educate participants to  apply practical strategies to your work with children and adults who have experienced a wide variety of traumatic events. This course is open to mental health and healthcare professionals and students; no previous experience with art therapy is required

The course consists of a series of presentations, interactive discussions and table group activities designed to support participants learning of key concepts, knowledge and skills required to implement trauma art therapy treatment. 

Models of trauma art therapy are outlined as well as using art in the trauma narrative process . 

Students will report to class 10 days in all and will be assigned a project which needs to be completed with one client. Students will complete 60 hours classwork and 20 hours of practical work including preparation and writing up the project, in all the students will complete 80 hours.

·      The purpose of the trauma art therapy training is to prepare counsellors/ therapists to provide for and respond to 

  •      The psychological needs of people who have experienced trauma.
  •      Support opportunities for storytelling thorough art created.      
  •      Encourage and provide creative choices for open, self expression.
  •      Create a safe, inviting, and structured environment for clients to express through art free of judgment.
  •       Learn to help clients validate their experience, educate normalize trauma reactions, promoting emotional expression, coping skills and stress management.
Learning Outcome: Participants will be able to

  •       Identify the continuum of trauma events and experiences
  •      Utilize art in the trauma narrative process
  •      Describe the unique qualities of art in the treatment of trauma
  •      Identify the application of trauma art therapy in various setting·

2.    Clinical Art therapy course

Date: September 2011 to August 2012 - One year Programme
Fees: Rs 50,000/=

This course will explore practical strategies to engage with families, couples, with children and adults in therapeutic environment. We will explore issues like anger management, substance abuse, adjustment disorder, effective communication,grief and loss, stress management and vocational burnout. This will be a hands on training where students will have to work in therapeutic settings and submit art work completed with clients and families to qualify for the certificate. This course is open to mental health and healthcare professionals and students. No previous experience with art is required. 

4.    Expressive Arts therapy course

Date: December 2011 to November 2012 - One year Programme
Fees: Rs 60,000/=

This course content will give exposure to music therapy, psychodrama, play back theatre, movement therapy, storytelling, counselling/ psychology component compulsory, expressive art therapy. Participants will learn how to use art, clay, play, theatre, acting, movement, in therapeutic settings. Participants will have hands on training and will have to complete project work and assignments to qualify for the certificate. The trainers for this course - Dr Herb Propper, Jennie Kristel, Monique McGrath, Dr Eric Miller, Dr Veena Eavardoss and Magdalene Jeyarathnam

Dec - 12 to 21 , 2011(10 days)

  1. Psychodrama - Dr Herb Propper(USA)
  2. Music therapy - Monique Mcgrath (Canada)
  3. Ethics, Boundaries, Confidentiality Indian context - Magdalene Jeyarathnam(India)
March 2012 dates not fixed yet (10 days)
  1. Submission of assignments and sharing of experiences
  2. Playback theatre - Jennie Kristel (USA)
July 2012 dates not fixed yet (10 days)
  1.  Submission of assignments and sharing of experiences
  2. Storytelling - Dr Eric Miller(India)
Final submission of assignments in November and certificates will be issued only on completion of the projects in December 2012. We are preparing you for actually doing these therapies.

Total class hours will be 180 hours
Project (3) - 70 hours
Total - 250 hours 

The training methodology is experiential learning using various art techniques such as: Art work. Clay, Collages, Group Discussion, Games and Exercises, Case studies, Role -Play Presentation, extensive mentoring from practioners and Testimonies.

Venue: Nungambakkam, Chennai, 
Time: 10 AM to 4 PM
No of participants limited for all courses

For further details:

Contact - 9884100135/ 9884700164/ 42080810
email -