Thursday, September 11, 2008

Child Centered Approaches to Counselling for staff under the Directorate of Social Defence, Sep 08th to 11th

We Conducted a training workshop on child centered approaches to counselling for staff under the director of social defence which took place in Abu Palace in Ponnamallee High Road on September 8th – 11th 2008 which was organized by Chennai Street Children prevention and rehabilitation project, World Vision India.

Training was done for four days and two days training separately for old and the new staff.

Staff from Chengalpattu, Kellys, Attur and Royayapuram had joined the training. Some of them were teachers, watchman, warden and House masters who took care of the children.

The training workshop was inaugurated by the Commissioner, Mrs Jayashree Raghunath. Some of the topics covered in the training were Introduction to counselling skills, Introduction to different approaches to work with children like story telling, Art etc, Developmental Mile stones, Identifying Symptoms in children with Learning Disability, Emotional Problems, Psychiatric Problems and also the focus was on the ways of engaging children in different activities and games.

The participants were very enthusiastic and each home made an Action plan where they explained how they are planning to implement what they learnt. Both the batches gave excellent feedback about the training. We enjoyed running this workshop as much as the participants enjoyed participating in this.