Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Child centered counselling approaches , 17 to 20 November 2008

We have 11 participants coming from the World Vision Projects, 1 participant from Clinton Foundation. 

The resource persons for this workshop are
  1. Magdalene Jeyarathnam
  2. Eric Miller
  3. Mrinalini Sekar
  4. Chandra 
  5. Monique
The day one of the workshop was handled by Mr Eric Miller, Professor - Image Animation College and the Founder of the World Storytelling Institute(WSI). You can read more about the World Storytelling Institute on the following website - www.storytellinginstitute.org

Participants did a whole lot of exercises which reiterated the importance of storytelling. By the end of the day participants practiced their skills of telling stories to children.

On the day two we had a session on Art as therapy which was facilitated by Magdalene Jeyarathnam. Some of the exercises proved that there was a lot of ventilation through colours and symbols. Participants were encouraged to use Art as a medium to express themselves. We also had an introduction to Music as therapy for which Monique who was visiting Chennai for a conference on music therapy presented some important information of how she uses music with children. She demonstrated how she conducts a session using music as a powerful medium of communication.

Moment/ dance as therapy was the session that followed. 

Day three we had Chandra showing us some exercises and games which could be used for children. Role play, enacting a situation, redirecting it all help us see what children want in their lives.

Day Four we went through developmental milestones of ages 5 to 15 years. Then we discussed cases that the counsellors were handling currently. We found stories for each of the situation presented. We had another session of difficult cases with the group finding different methods of coping with those situations using stories, drawing, some games etc.

The feedback from the participants was very positive.

“This is one of the best workshop that I have attended, it is very informative, very enthusiastic and very much practical.  The few points that I learnt from the workshop was the different therapies to get the children in track. I liked the methodology very much , it kept me lively and very energetic. I wish to attend more number of training, because of the way it is organized. - Mr. S.Jeyakumar Chennai, GRACE Project World Vision.


“ The workshop session was really good to me to learn more things about children. It helps me to develop my skills. The workshop conducted was a pleasant atmosphere. The few points that I learnt  how to tell stories, how to teach art, how can one handle the children. As a counsellor, every person is unique, equal and never give advice. I liked the methodology very much and it is essential for children. - Ms. A.Gnana Kumari, Gutur HIV AIDS Project World Vision.


‘The workshop was very good. I never attended this type of counselling training, and I attended a counselling training before this workshop, but not like this, this is entirely different which I attended before. The few points which I learnt is that through the methods of story telling, art therapy and games/ dance , we could be able to deal the children, and make them to come out of their problem. I liked the method to counsel children very easily. Through this method we can be able to understand the children Psychology. Excellent hospitality’ - Tirupathi Rao.D,  Gutur HIV AIDS Project World Vision.


“The workshop session are very appropriate. Few points that I learnt was Music , Dance, Story telling and key counselling skills. All the activities very appropriate and very good. The methodology was very good. I can improve a lot in my work place.- G. Benjamin, Hyderabad HIV AIDS Project World Vision.


‘The workshop session was very informative and easy to understand and I also enjoyed. The therapies which are play based methods were helpful to ventilate. I liked the methodology and it is very apt for children”. - Sam Martin Chennai, GRACE Project World Vision.


“The workshop session was very good , I enjoyed all the sessions. I learnt story telling, how to tell counter stories to the problem and drama therapy, dance therapy, art therapy and how these methods can be used while  counselling children”.

- R.Prasanna Kumar Guntur, HIV AIDS Project World Vision.


“The workshop session was very useful and very informative. The few points that I learnt is to be self - sufficient and learn to conduct support group meetings and to do counselling for children and about how to handle children. I like the methodology it was very good and useful. I can implement in the support group meetings I conduct.

- Pramela, Chennai GRACE Project World Vision.


“ The workshop session was wonderful. I felt like home and not like other trainings. The timings were very convenient , I learnt about story telling therapy , music therapy and counselling through games and different activities like exercise etc. I liked the methodology very much and the games and activities gave meaning to life through this workshop. Since our work is involved in larger area, this training would surely help me to work and concentrate on little children more”. - Jayaraj,  Chennai GRACE Project World Vision.


“The workshop session was very interesting to know and learn. Gained knowledge to work effectively among the vulnerable children. I liked the methodology it was very interesting to learn”  - Ms. Freeda Augustin, Chennai GRACE Project World Vision.

Teacher's Training In Olcott Memorial School on 15th Nov

Magdalene Jeyarathnam and Mohan Babu facilitated a one day Teacher's training programme on 15th November in Olcott Memorial School for about 25 teachers. 

The group was divided in 3 and each group shared their own experiences of being physically, emotionally abused by parents, teachers or significant others in their lives as children. This sharing was followed by a discussion in their group as to the insights they have now as adults. What were some of the do's and don't s they need to keep in mind while working with children.