Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Certificate course on Storytelling and Psychodrama (40 hours), January & February 2021

 Storytelling and Psychodrama- 40 hour certificate course, January 2021

Indian Institute of Psychodrama in collaboration with World Storytelling Institute presents a 40 hour certificate course on Storytelling and Psychodrama this January 2021. This course will consist of 11 session spread across January and February, where two days of training will take place in each week. The major goal of the course is to dramatize their personal story/ parallel story / their personal healing story. Participants would be enabled to explore, and to find meanings, interpretations, and messages in their stories through Psychodrama (which is dramatizing through roles).


Jan: 13th, 15th/ 20th, 22nd/ 27th, 29th/ 

Feb: 3rd, 5th/ 10th, 12th/ 17th 

Time: 5 pm to 8 pm (3 hours)

Structure of the course:

40 hours

11 (3 hour) Classroom Sessions = 33 hours.

7 hours of Fieldwork = 7 hours.


Dr Eric Miller, Folklorist and Counsellor (PhD in Folklore, MSc in Psychology).Director, World Storytelling Institute .World Storytelling Institute facilitates training in, performance of, and discussion about, forms of storytelling.  Storytelling, in the literal sense of the word, involves social events in which participants can give near-instantaneous feedback to each other.  Other ways of presenting stories are of secondary interest to us.<a href="http://(https://storytellinginstitute.org/#stp)

Ms. Magdalene Jeyarathnam, Founder Director of Indian Institute of Psychodrama, She is an Expressive Arts therapist and board certified Psychodramatist. She is currently completing her PEP Certification, she is in the international committee of ASGPP and is also on the board of directors of International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process (IAGP).

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