Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Child centered approaches - workshop

Child centered approaches - workshop

For who?

For counsellors, teachers or anyone working with children closely.

About the training:  

The workshop will focus on Story telling, Art, Drama, Play and on Developmental Milestones of Children from the age group of 5 to 15 years. The main focus of learning these approaches is to intergrate them while working with the child. Story telling focused on helping children tell their own stories and also taught the different methods of story telling to children. Almost all the sessions are activity based which enables the participants to involve vigorously. The art session consisted of many exercises and activities using colours pencils, water paints and charcoal pencil, and crayons which give the participants the opportunity to express powerful emotions. More emphasis is laid on how a child can often say more in pictures rather than to articulate through words and focused on  how through art  a child is able to represent a thought or feeling through an image and in certain  cases a fear or trauma could be resolved.  

In certain instances a child who is diagnosed to have HIV and is on ART medication , could be motivated to print the painted thumbs in chart paper forming a aquarium  or draw stars in sky etc as soon as they take the medicines every day and this eventually would help in the intake of the medicines every day and improves the adherence level. The drama exercises are conducted by Ms. Chandra.  We do  numerous theatre exercises, activities and role plays and the level of energy gets very high during these sessions.  Developmental milestones of the children were also covered during the sessions. Case studies with regard to problems of the children were discussed in group and possible interventions using different approaches were established during the group sessions. All the participants usually enjoy getting their hands dirty by painting, making clay models, making finger puppets, doing theatre exercises, playing a wide variety of games etc.,
Everyone gets in touch with and discovers the child within. We take around 15 participants for this training. As all the participants work with children, during the training many issues which they face come up. We discuss these issues and try to find child centered ways of intervention like stories, drawing, drama etc.

The feedback we received from this training has always been rated a great training. 

Overall a great training. We enjoy doing this as much as all our participants enjoy participating.