Friday, October 1, 2010

Expressive arts therapy workshop 27 Sept to 20 Oct, 2010

Center for Counselling is organising a series of workshops on Expressive Arts therapy. We are honored to host Jennie Kristel (to read more about Jennie look up

Workshop One: Sept 27th until Oct 1st 2010. Below are some pictures of the work we did.

We did movement, music, art, masks, mandalas, clay, poetry writing, collage, stick wrapping and dream circle.

We did sociometry, locograms, spectograms and barometers to build group trust and safety.

It was a riot of colors and creativity while processing several emotions and feelings. Look at some of the photos taken on the last day of the workshop.

Workshop 2: Oct 4 to Oct 8, 2010

All participants were from World Vision. It was easy to put together this training as some of the participants had already attended the training I conducted last year on Child centered counselling, they came back because they had given a good feedback to World Vision. We have a history of conducting trainings with World vision either for their staff or for the children they work with directly. I am particularly thrilled that participants had come from Kolkotta, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to attend this training. A big thanks to a special person in World Vision who made this possible - Dr Anita Victor who had the faith in me, that I will recommend only the best for her and her team. We did drawing, movement, clay, collage, singing, painting, games, sculpting, puppets and creative writing.

Participants got a certificate of 25 hours of training at the end of the 5 days.

Workshop 3: Meeting the past year students.....

A small group of us met to connect with Jennie this year. Rupa, Bhuvana, Raji and I got together for some intensive work over the weekend. We did some incredible work together. Dolls, clay, murals, movement, sound and painting.

Workshop 4: Oct 11 to 13, 2010

Women's christian College - Psychology department

A special thanks to Ms Veena professor in the Psychology department and dean of the student hostel. Another ally to Center for Counselling. She never says "no" to any of my recommendations and suggestions. A big thank you to Veena - my friend and colleague.

Workshop 5: Oct 14 - 15, 2010

Stella Maris College - Social Work Department

My own department! My college! The special connections I have has made this possible. My teachers who are so dear to me, who believe and trust me, I am ever so grateful to my department for helping my vision materialise in college.

Sr Colleen North, Mrs Sandra Joseph, Ms Benita, Mrs Sheila and the other wonderful staff for making this possible. There were 34 students and one professor who participated.

Workshop 6: 20 Oct, 2010
Faculty of Social Work Department, Stella Maris College

We had a very intense workshop as a small group. We did some very interesting and thought provoking activities. All the workshops and trainings are completed and we had another successful collaboration with Jennie Kristel, Journey Works, Vermont, USA.