Thursday, February 28, 2008

Counselling Children Workshop

The workshop on counselling children was conducted between 23rd and 26th feb, 2008. We had planned a small workshop for around 14 people. The participants came from organisations such as:
  1. Compassion India
  2. World Vision - India
  3. SAHAS, Mumbai
  4. SAGA health Education Services, Chennai
  5. CHES, Chennai
  6. IMH, Chennai
  7. Sanjeevi Trust
  8. Nalamdana, Chennai
  9. St Lukes leprosarium, Peikulam, Thoothukudi
  10. Reaching the Unreached- 
  11. Olcott Memorial School- Chennai
We learnt some interesting ways of telling stories to children, helping children tell their stories, drawing, painting, using charcoal, interesting exercises and activities for children and using drama - role changing, role reversals, empty chair, planning a drama that tells a story etc.
The learning atmosphere was very informal. We discussed our child clients and different approaches we could use when we get back to our work.