Monday, November 17, 2008

Self - calming techniques through yoga and meditation in Olcott School, Nov 8th 2008

Thamilarasi.S  facilitated a one day workshop on Self calming techniques through yoga for this group. She addressed some queries regarding handling menstrual pain and how yoga helps in relieving their pain was answered and certain simple asanas specific to the issue was taught and practiced. She also taught meditation and certain simple asanas to improve concentration. The students gave a feedback that they felt very relaxed at the end of the session.

Self - calming techniques (Yoga and meditation)

Pudumai Penn Programme - Olcott Memorial School


As part of the leadership training for a group of girls in the 9th standard at Olcott Memorial School, a half-day workshop was conducted. The workshop focused on Self - calming techniques using yoga. Ten girls were present in the workshop. The session started at 9 30 a.m with an introductory game, in the game everyone stood in a circle.  Anyone could begin the game by saying their name and demonstrating a [physical] motion to go with it.   Each person had said their name with their movement. This simple and interesting game helped me to learn the names of the girls. Then the session began by having an interaction about what they knew about Yoga? The students said that they were learning yoga from their school yoga master but they said they never did the asanas (postures) seriously as they were shy to do it in front of the boys.

The girls were asked to take 12 normal breaths and then they were asked to do conscious breathing. A feedback was asked and the girls said they very better able to focus with conscious breathing. The right breathing technique was taught to the girls. Few asanas incorporating the breathing technique was taught and demonstrated which was then practiced. Each student was given the opportunity to demonstrate the different posture, which was taught to them in front of the class. Individual attention to each student was given and feedback about how they felt was asked to them in between the session, to ensure that there was stability and comfort in their body while doing the asanas (postures). After doing the practice for about one and half hours. A small break was given to the girls. 

Meditation was taught to the students. During the meditative practice the students were taught to place their hands on their abdomen and the focus was on the menstrual pain which some of the girls experienced. Some simple breathing technique was taught so that it relieves the pain they experience. During the meditative practice they were also taught to place their hands on their heart and after that a small discussion was started regarding the emotions they go through when they are in a relationship. Few girls spoke frankly and shared their experience in being in any kind of a relationship and the emotions they experienced. Meditative practice was taught to help them have control over their feelings and also it will give them the ability to discriminate. After the discussion a simple specific breathing practice was taught to help the girls relax and to be better able to focus and concentrate during their examination.

We closed the session by sitting in a circle, holding hands and moving a pulse around the room as suggested by Ms.Shoba to emphasize unity within the group. 

The girls gave a very good feedback about how they felt and said they felt completely relaxed and comfortable.