Sunday, April 3, 2011

Summer Camp for teenagers (12 to 15 years)

Summer Camp for teenagers - Life skills training

The teenage years of ones life is very challenging. Every teenager is trying to assert his/her right as an adult; they are trying to break free from all reminders of being a child.  As young adults they have lots of questions which are not just about academics. Life skill education can help a teenager manage the school, home and social environment more efficiently.

Center for Counselling, Chennai specializes in child counselling and child related developmental activities. Based on our experience of working with teenagers and young adults w have created and moulded this programme / activities to promote healthy emotional and psychological development of children and teenagers. Center for Counselling is organising a unique summer camp for teenagers(12 to 15 year olds) to enrich their personality. 

Summer camps provide a platform for teenagers to learn new things in fun ways. This Summer camps helps teenagers develop their social skills, build confidence, self-respect and leadership skills. It is a great opportunity to make new friends, learn new things and go on a journey towards self-discovery. 

Goal Setting, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Assertiveness, Negotiation skills, Interpersonal skills and relationship skills, Advocacy skills, coping with Stress, Gender and Attraction.

Loads of fun, learning and excitement awaits your teenager at our camp this summer. 

For more details contact - 044-42080810/ 9884700135
Venue: Nungambakkam, Chennai
Age: 12 to 15 year olds
Date  :  2nd May-13th May 2011[Weekend Holiday]
Time :  10:00am -12:30pm
Cost : Rs 3,500/ child, Two children from the same family pay Rs 3000/ child, 
         Five children from the same school Rs 2500/ child 

Counselling helplines - 9884700106(English), 9884700104(Tamil)