Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lecture Demo on Psychodrama - 19 December, 2015

Indian Institute of Psychodrama (IIP)

Psychodrama is an action method develop by Jacob Moreno MD 1889-1974. Psychodrama includes elements of theatre, often conducted on a stage where props can be used. By closely recreating real-life situations and acting them out in the present, clients have the opportunity to evaluate situation in their spontaneous dramatization, role playing and dramatic self-presentation to investigate and gain insight into their lives. Psychodrama may be used in a variety of clinical, community based and business settings and is most often utilised in a group scenario.

Magdalene Jeyarathnam is the founder of Indian Institute of Psychodrama, She practices Expressive Arts therapy and she has a 21 year practice with individual, couples and groups. She also runs the East West Center for Counselling and training which is a therapy center based in Chennai. She has worked as a consultant for various governments Tamil Nadu, India, Thailand, Myanmar, and Bhutan. She uses various therapy techniques and tools in her work. She currently runs a diploma course in Expressive Arts therapy along with Women’s Christian College which is the only such course in the country. Magdalene has worked with as a consultant for various international agencies like UNICEF, WHO in her capacity of strengthening counselling services in various countries in South East Asia. Magdalene is a member of International Association of Group Psychotherapy and group processes, which was founded by Jacob Moreo and she is also a member of the Moreo Psychodrama Society.

We welcome you to an orientation to psychodrama.

Who should attend?
Anyone working with individuals or groups, psychotherapists, counsellors, doctors, teachers, corporate trainers, psychologists, life coach or anyone else in the related field of working with groups.

Date : 19.12.2015       

Timing: 3 to 5 PM

Cost: Rs 500/=

Venue : Venue Edufun Life School, 5th Floor, Shreevallabh Darshan (Next to Lakme Salon Opp Asha Parekh Hospital), Station Road, Santacruz – west

Contact: Rahul 9819040320 to reserve a seat.