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Deputation of School and College Counsellors

Deputation of counsellors to Schools and Colleges

East West Center for Counselling and Training works with School and College Managements closely in deputing our counsellors to work as School/ College Counsellor.

CFC is also a counselling/ therapy training center we train teachers, psychologists, counsellors and social workers  on various forms of therapy in particular Art therapy. We run counselling and therapy training in affiliation with various organisations national and international.

What we can do:

  1. Workshops for teachers on various challenges they face in classrooms
  2. Workshops for parents
  3. Workshops for children - Pre school to teenagers
  4. Provide life skills training for children
  5. Provide trained and efficient psychological counsellors
  6. Provide training on child friendly interventions 
Advantages of Hiring a Counselling Center rather than the counsellor directly

All emotional support is given at one point: Counselling, Life skills education, psychological testing, referrals to psychiatrists or Special educators.
  1. Child centered counselling - All our counsellors are trained in Expressive Art therapy methods - Storytelling,  drama, art, music and other child friendly methods.
  2. Ongoing Training - Update of information, laws pertaining to children, psychological tests updates, refreshing counselling skills.
  3. Counselling supervisor closely monitors the work of the counsellor to ensure ethical practices every week.
  4. Peer Supervision - All the counsellors meet to discuss the difficulties in managing specific client situations and peers help in ensuring counsellor is on track with each client.
  5. Consistent counselling service for each institution - in case  counsellor being absent on sick/ emergency basis, replacement or temporary counsellor will be continuing the work within one day.
  6. Documentation / Reporting formats is well thought out and prepared for schools and colleges. All documentation is up to date because of the counselling supervision which happens every Saturday.
  7. Part time or Full time counsellors depending on the institution's specific needs.
  8. Specific issues faced in a school can be addressed by psychological support experts - Suicide attempt by a student/ sudden  death of a student/ etc. will be addressed very sensitively.
Institutions which have counsellors from us.
  1. St Josephs Anglo Indian School, Perambure
  2. Chennai Girls School, Saidapet - Counsellor sponsored by Rotary Club of Madras South
  3. Asan Engineering College - Chenglepet
  4. Asan CBSE Primary and Senior School
  5. Asan Matriculation School
  6. Asan Arst and Science College
  7. Pon Vidhyashram - Kolapakkam
  8. Pon Vidhyashram - Valsarwakkam
  9. Pon Vidhyashram - Velachery
  10. Pon Vidhyashram - Injambakkam
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