Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Training Calendar for February, 2014

In Chandigarh:

1) Feb 3 & 4 - Two day introductory workshop on Expressive Arts Therapy (EAT) by Magdalene Jeyarathnam. EAT is a non-threatening, gentle method of making assessments, evaluating and making treatment goals for clients. The two day session will be exploring self and a journey of self-discovery which will be a lot of fun and learning. Registration fees Rs 1000. Contact Prerna - 9501591135. 

In Chennai:

Eligibility for the workshops are NGO workers, social workers,psychologists, corporate trainers and others working with teams.

Contact Magdalene Jeyarathnam - +91-9884700135. 

Email -

Training fees covers Hand outs, lunch and tea. (Registration is only on first come basis):

2) Feb 6 - Orientation on Sociodrama by Valerie Holland, UK (only for college students in Chennai)

3) Feb 10 - One day Workshop on Introduction to Art Therapy by Susan Anand Ainlay, USA. This one-day course provides students with an introduction to the definition, historical roots, theory, and basic elements of art therapy. The class will consist of three art experiences, lecture and case material, and group discussion designed to help students learn how art making can be used to affect behavioral, emotional, and psychological change with individuals and groups. Students will work with various art materials and media typically used in art therapy, and learn how to distinguish the characteristics of these materials as a means toward effective intervention with clients/patients. Registration fees Rs 1000/-

4) Feb 11 to 13 - Therapeutic Storytelling, by Susan Perrow, Australia. In this 3 day workshop, examples, ideas and techniques for writing healing (‘medicinal’) stories for children/adults will be shared and the therapeutic use of metaphor explored. With the support of a story-making framework, the participants will be guided to create their own stories addressing a range of challenging behaviours and challenging situations with children, teens and adults. The participants will also complete a small story weaving – an inspirational source for more story ideas. Registration fees Rs 5000/-

5) Feb 14 to 18 - Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP), by Preetha Ramasubramanian. Introduction to DMP, brief history about DMP, Experiential group work using ‘talk – move – talk’ format, Body awareness and body boundaries. Assessment clinical, practical and movement for adults and children, Moving together. This will be highly creative and enjoyable workshop. Registration fees Rs 7000/-