Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas Celebration 2009

Date: 23rd Dec’09

This year Christmas celebration has been organised on our (roof)terrace. Around 6pm in the evening people met for a potluck dinner party. Almost all who said they would come arrived and every one participated in the games. We had the movie ‘Wizard of Oz’ playing in the background, followed by the video of a Madonna album. The participant list is as follows

1. Sudhakar
2. Kavya
3. Ramba
4. Raja
5. Anirudh
6. Vikranth
7. Prabu
8. Asma
9. Sharanya
10. Sunil Menon
11. Randall Giles
12. Harsha
13. Sundar
14. Olga
15. Shiva
16. Srijith
17. Rupesh
18. Mani
19. Raji

Our Center for Counselling staff who joined in organising as well as participated were

20. Mrs.Magdalene, her husband Mr.Eric Miller and daughter Kamala Miller
21. Dhanalakshmi
22. Subashini
23. Usha
24. Padmini

We had a lot of food and everyone enjoyed the food very much. After the dinner little Kamala Miller, Magdalene’s daughter cut the Christmas cake. Cake and gifts were distributed to all the members present and they excitedly opened the gifts. Every one enjoyed the party and it was a wounderful evening!!

Few of the members who were not able to join the celebration due to various reasons spent the evening on Christmas day at Magdalene’s home on 25th Dec 2009. She presented their gifts to them too. They were very happy to receive the gifts for Christmas.
Those who visited on 25th were
1. Kalki
2. Sowndarya
3. Devianyi
4. Kannagi
5. Divya

Here are some photos to remind us.