Saturday, September 3, 2011

Art therapy course in Women's Christian College

This course is a special course for students of psychology from Women's Christian College. Students from other colleges studying counselling, social work or psychology(women students only) if interested in the course need to call 9884100135 for a brief interview. 

About the course:

Certificate: This is a certificate course for 50 hours. The students will get a certificate on completion of the course which is - making the case presentation which demonstrates their understanding on the subject. The certificate will be a joint certificate from East West Center for Counselling and Training, Chennai and Arts Interventions, Los Angels, USA and Women's Christian College.

Course Content:

Art Explorations This provides opportunity for the exploration of art materials in support of the development of and methods to use art in psychotherapy. This course will also cover self help art therapy techniques that can be used for clients as well as therapist for relieving stress and anxiety.
Fundamentals Marriage and Family Therapy This provides an introduction to systems theory as a foundation to therapeutic intervention. The groundwork provides the conceptual view for the exploration of various theoretical perspectives. A variety of family structures including traditional and non-traditional forms are studied as well as their clinical implications for the therapist.

Mental Health Settings Studies Using Art Therapy Techniques This will cover intake assessments and diagnosis according to the DSM-IV in addition to methods of using art therapy techniques in schools, hospitals, mental health, substance abuse facilities and private practice. It will also cover distance art therapy techniques that can be used by clients via live webcast.

Psychological Testing and Statistics Review of formal and informal psychological tests used for assessment, including issues of reliability, validity and item content. Projective drawings and structured clinical interviews are covered. Art assessments such as the H-T-P (House Tree Person) and Silvers Drawing assessments will be included in this course.

5 hours              Art Explorations
10 hours            Family Therapy
5 hours            Psychological Testing
5 hours            Mental Health Settings
10 hours             Trauma
5 hours           Art Explorations
5 hours           Mental Health issues due to physical illness/ injury
5 hours            Class project
Students are expected to attend all the classes.

The class will be held in WCC and will be twice or sometimes thrice a week between 1.30 to 4.30 PM.

For further details contact: 9884100135/ 044 - 42080810