Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stress and Anger Management Workshop July 26th to July 29th 2008

Various topics were covered in the workshop that increased one's awareness of personal stressors and the triggers of anger and stress. Participatory learning techniques like exercises, games were used to overcome stress and anger.

Yoga, creative movements and relaxation techniques were some of the strategies used to overcome stress.

Some of the feedback from the participants was

“The workshop was excellent ..I have no words to express….. I learnt to maintain and stay calm, live without stress and some points (tips) for that was very useful, Self care, handling of critical situation, excellent guided imaginary, modern yoga , balanced diet and its necessity was great. It was a great opportunity to analysis everything with Ms. Magdalene. … I liked the methodology … Hospitality and everything was in the top most position. …But I felt that the workshop was short …..” – Shiva kumar, Sangama, Chennai

“This workshop was very good and very useful for life…. The few points I learnt was what is stress? How it affects us, What is anger and how it affects us. .. Ho w to handle stress…… Importance of exercises…... .. How to solve problems………..The games and activities in the workshop was very good and very useful………The food was very good and the training space was very good……… everything was good and it was very useful and important personally to me………..” – Sundar , Sahodaran, Chennai

Mrinalini Sekar Life style Management consultant facilitated the creative movement session

Some of the feedback were

  • Activities were very deep and lots of emotions came out, it could have been nice if one issue is discussed among stress. (Just a suggestion)
  • Theory about morning session was very very important. Tips about food, diet, exercise were very informative.
  • Very intense and internal thinking triggers with activities, so as a therapist how to take care.
  • On the whole Stress and Anger was released and thought provoking.

- Geethu Pappu, Chennai

  • The session was wonderful on lifestyle management. The importance of physical fitness was well explained. Especially the lifestyle clouds exercise was wonderful; it made me realize my stress points.... Simple exercises were thought (Easy practice at home).

- Mohan Babu, Hoper's Foundation

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Managing Adolescence - One day workshop for Children from the World Vision Project in Chennai. 19 July 2008

This one day workshop on managing adolescence was a participatory workshop. We had a number of activities that taught young people to be assertive, to do critical thinking, making assessment of a situation, making decisions, being creative, introspection while having a lot of fun. The participants were between the ages of 12 to 16. There were almost 100 adolescent girls from various communities in Chennai. 


The session was led by Mrinalini Sekar and assisted by Thamilarasi and Magdalene Jeyarathnam.


At the end of the day the children gave feedback about how they felt and how they enjoyed the activities. Some simple exercises on managing pain during menstruation were also taught to the children.  The young people completely enjoyed all the activities and asked for more such days of fun and learning.


Some of the activities were




Warm up


who am I

Identifying self. Defining oneself


I am a reflection of so many influences. Towards identifying my unique self

Lead with a body part

Open your mind to possibilities – not to be blocked by the straight and narrow – creative thinking

Exercises to combat woman-specific and gynaec issues

To emphasize that they should talk to someone responsible

Ways of managing their physical pain

Very often adolescent girls may experience pain or if meet with an accident or fallen down.


Realization of adaptation of self to every relationship( mother, family/,friend)


Identification of emotion is necessary step to solution

Creative thinking and lateral thinking 

Interpretation of the individual drawing was done within the group and there was a lot of emotional ventilation.

Me and my space


Learning to set limits; to say an emphatic NO
Building a house 

Being assertive, and the right to say no if you don’t like what somebody doing in your house

Relaxation and breathing exercises

Identifying avenues for frustration release

Trust Building

Dealing with the complex emotions of trust

Naming the Dance

Help children who are shy to be bold enough, creative and lateral thinking

Fun way of decision making

Free dance

Party time

Cool down


Day Four - Certificate distribution

The certificates were distributed by Dr Vijay Edward and Mr Christopher Baskar from World Vision National Office.  

The group gave their feedback and discussed if their expectations were met.

Overall it was a very satisfying workshop.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day Three

The morning session was on Art therapy. All the participants enthusiastically participated in all the exercises in painting, drawing and using charcoal. This session was lead by Magdalene Jeyarathnam our founder.

The afternoon session was on dance/ movement therapy - this session was lead by Mrinalini Sekhar. The participants did some very interesting exercises which got them to think about themselves. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Child Centered Counselling Approaches for Children Workshop, July 16th Day Two

Drama Therapy - Day Two

Drama therapy is an expressive therapy modality used in a wide variety of setting. The use of dramatic process and theatre as a therapeutic intervention began with psychodrama.

Ms. G. Chandra – Theatre artist, facilitated the session. She led us through various exercises. We discussed different children games and choosing appropriate games and activities for children depends on the issues of children. All the participants enjoyed their day very much.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Child Centered Counselling Approaches for Children Workshop , July 15th - July 18th 2008

Workshop - Day one

We had 7 participants coming from the World Vision Projects, 3 participants from Positive Women's network sponsored by World Vision, 2 participants from Child Haven and 1 from Hopers Foundation.

With such an interesting mix of participants the session went off very well. The resource person for the day was Mr Eric Miller, Professor - Image Animation College and the Founder of the World Storytelling Institute. You can read more about the World Storytelling Institute on the following website -

By the end of the day participants practiced their skills of telling stories to children.

Participants List


Name of the Participant

Name of the Organization

Contact number/

Email ID



World Vision India

Bangalore OVC Project,

No.815, IVth B cross

First Block , HRBR Lay Out

Kalyan Nagar

Bangalore – 43




World Vision India ,

16 VOC Main road


Chennai - 24




World Vision India

Bangalore OVC Project,

No.815, IVth B cross

First Block , HRBR Lay Out

Kalyan Nagar

Bangalore – 43




World Vision India

Bangalore OVC Project,

No.815, IVth B cross

First Block , HRBR Lay Out

Kalyan Nagar

Bangalore – 43




World Vision India,

ADP Bellary,

Vidhya Giri Colony

Club Road

Bellary – 4



World Vision India,

GHAP Postal Colony ,

Third Line


Andhar Pradesh




World Vision India,

GHAP Postal Colony ,

Third Line


Andhar Pradesh




Child Heaven


Kaliayam poodi village

Kancheepuram District




Child Heaven


Kaliayam poodi village

Kancheepuram District



Mohan Babu

Hopers Foundation

No.67, Thiruvengadam Street






Positive Women Network , Santhosh Seruvar Maiyam

Melatheru Melur

Madurai Dist




No.6, 5th Cross Street

Rajalakshmi Nagar


Chennai - 42




Positive Women Network,

Metu Theru,

Ishwarya Golden Flats




LGBTQ Peer-Counselling Training Initiative, July 13 2008

The Shakti Center's LGBTQ Peer-Counselling Training Initiative - 13 July 2008

The session was held in the Center for Counselling office on Radhakrinshnan Salai, Mylapore. This session was the fourth in the series focussing on peer-counselling issues related to transgender women. Many transgender women participated in the session. Issues regarding the need for counselling were discussed. Everyone in the group shared there personal experiences, there was a lot of emotional ventilation among the group.

Sankari from Center for Counselling facilitated the session.

Some of the Issues that transgender women face was discussed. For example:

  • Feeling rejected ( family / self)
  • Livelihood options
  • Marriage / Relationships
  • Peer Pressure
  • SRS – Surgery
  • Gender related questions
  • Health
We felt by the end of the day, that places where transgender women could go for counselling or services that empowered them was very limited. Center for Counselling offered their services to transgender women who would like to seek counselling services. Sankari our full time counsellor and counselling trainer is available as a counsellor along with Magdalene Jeyarathnam.

Thursday, July 10, 2008



Transport Cooperation of India Foundation (TCIF) conducted a 3 day training program for all the doctors and nurses working in the “Kushy” clinics.

“Kushy” Clinics function in 9 States in India they work through 17 different sites. Each team works with the trucker population by providing them general health treatment and their focus is treating Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). 

Our Founder Magdalene Jeyarathnam did, a half day training on approaches of doctors and nurses towards their clientele. The other sessions were on STIs and its treatment  handled by Family Health International (FHI).

Parenting Workshop - Olcott memorial School Chennai,July 05 2008

Parenting Workshop – Olcott Memorial School - July 5th

This is a school run by the Theosophical Society Besant Nagar. The school is for the under privileged students. Students are from the near by fishing kupam. Many of them are first generation learners.

27 parents of five year olds who recently joined school had a one day workshop on parenting. In recent times there is a government law against corporal punishment for children in schools  we had interesting debates about should parents beat their child the discussion was interesting about disciplining children. Role of parents in the behavior of the child. We discussed nutrition that children should have.

We did activities that showed teachers and parents were on the same team.The parents seemed to enjoy the meeting and requested for a regular meetings once in 6 months in the future.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Adherence counselling workshop - June 28 to July 1, 2008

This workshop focused on the varied aspects of helping clients/ patients who are taking long term medication.

We developed checklists of pre drug sessions. Barriers that one might have in taking long term medication, keeping the patient motivated, our role in adherence of the patient.

We had 8 participants for this workshop and we had Sekar from SWAM to give away the certificates to the participants.

Participants List



Organisation Name and Address

Email id and contact number



World Vision India BOVCP,

93/1, Third cross , Srirampuram

Bangalore- 21



World Vision India

#815, 4th B cross, First block

HRBR Layout , Kalyan Nagar

Bangalore – 43

Ph Off #08025457066








K.Mohan Babu

Hopers Foundation

No.67, Thiruvengadam Street







27/75, Railyway colony, Third street , First Floor, Mehta Nagar




Malaya Kanta Nayak


World vision India

Jeevan Asha Healthy Highway Project

#31, Lecturers Colony, City Road

Mandanganij, Kishangarth,

Ajmer Dist. Rajasthan- 305 801



Rajender Masih

World vision India

Jeevan Asha Healthy Highway Project

#31, Lecturers Colony, City Road

Mandanganij, Kishangarth,

Ajmer Dist. Rajasthan- 305 801



Gayatri Pappu (Gheethu)

G 5, Jain Wingate Garden

10, First Cross Street ,Sethammal Colony





PSI  Saadhan Clinic

164, Lingi Chetty Street

Parry’s Corner

Chennai- 1


Off: 044 25351918