Sunday, March 16, 2008

Upcoming workshops

Center for Counselling - Chennai is offering a series of 4-day workshops one each month.

 We run 4 -Day workshops at our office every month on various topics related to counselling. These workshops have limited seats of 12 participants per workshop. These workshops are for individuals who might be thinking of counselling as full time or part time career or may add to the skills in their own professions like lawyers working in family courts, workers from organizations working with disabilities/ issues such as HV/AIDS, doctors, other health Care Professionals, etc.

 All of the workshops will feature participatory learning through small-group discussions, exercises, and activities, including role-playing of counselling situations.

 This is to inform you of the dates of our upcoming workshops:


 Introduction to Group Counselling 29th of March till 1st of April

 In our setting with limited resources and where the counsellor client ratio is high; Counsellors if trained could use group counselling and have individual sessions when absolutely necessary. This workshop teaches some skills in doing Group work, understanding Group dynamics and group processes and the different  stages of a Group,


 Dealing with Mental Health Issues: 26th to 29th of April

 Counsellors could be trained on the various mental health issues like depression, suicide, low self esteem, etc, Techniques like problem solving, breathing exercises, improving self esteem etc. Some assessment and intervention tools will go a long way in improving the counsellor's ability to identify mental illness and to deal with these issues professionally.


 Addiction Counselling 24th to 27th May

 The role of the counsellor in handling substance abuse, understanding the concept of addiction as an illness that needs to be treated. The emotional and physical dependency of substances that are abused. This training is particularly relevant in our context where we are dealing with people living with HIV/AIDs PLHA who are on ART but are still unable to stop alcohol/ drugs.


 Adherence Counselling  28th to 1st June

 Most material so far on adherence counselling deals with the clinical aspect of ART. Adherence counselling on the other hand is a process that requires 3 or 4 sessions with the counsellor before starting ART for the clients. This workshop will help the counsellor identify the various aspects that they need to discuss with the client before ART begins. It involves the counsellor employing certain skills in handling these sessions.


Stress and Anger Management – 26th to 29th JULY

 We work in teams and  must learn the art of identifying stress and learn effective ways of relieving the same. Counsellors in most settings - NGOs or working for the government are involved in building their teams. When counsellors see illness and death on a regular basis, it is possible for counsellors to face a burn out. This workshop will help the counsellor avoid such a situation. Some of these skills could also be taught for clients who are maybe going through stress too.

 Video recording and playback will be used for training purposes.

 The workshops will be led by Magdalene Jeyarathnam, Founder of the Center for Counselling.  She has worked as a consultant in counselling training, and curriculum development, for several organization including TANSACS (Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society), and the Governments of Bhutan, Myanmar and Thailand.

 The Workshop Venue is Center for Counselling Office –

 18 Radhakrishnan Salai, 9th Street, 3rd Floor, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.

Telephone numbers: 044- 42080810/ 9884700174/ 9884100135


Total number of participants per workshop is 12.

Workshop cost is Rs 2,500, which includes lunch, Tea and training materials.

Accomodation is not included. However accomodation could be arranged according to the budget of the participant.