Sunday, September 25, 2011

Year long Expressive Arts Therapy Course

 “Year-long Diploma Course in Expressive arts therapy

Chennai’s East West Center for Counselling and Women's Christian College, Chennai presents a year-long course in Expressive arts therapy, Dec 2011 to Nov 2012.

Training in the various arts therapies is very rare in India especially as none of our colleges/ universities offer this course anywhere in India.  In this Course, the training is organised and facilitated by experts in Counselling.  This grounding of arts therapies in the practice of Counselling/ psychotherapy is one of this Course’s unique qualities and contributions.

In addition, one of the East-West Center for Counselling’s specialties is modifying Western therapeutic approaches for use in the Indian context; this would also be a major theme of the course.

The Department of Psychology, WCC was started in 1973 as an undergraduate department. It currently offers M.Sc., in Applied Psychology with two branches (i) Counselling & Psychotherapy (ii) Organizational Behaviour. The M.Phil. Program (full time) was introduced in 2001 and Ph.D. Program (full time) in 2005. In 2004-05 the U.G.C. career-oriented courses were started.  This comprises of Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Human Relations, offered to students of all departments. Equipping students with professional and personal skills that empower them and enhance their employability is one of the objectives of the department.

In this course, seven individuals trained in the USA, Canada and India would teach the various modalities of Expressive arts therapy.  They would be organised by Ms Magdalene Jeyarathnam, director of Chennai’s East West Center for Counselling, who along with faculty of the psychology department WCC, will also teach Counselling Skills and Ethics throughout the year-long Course.

Upon completion of the Course, participants would receive a diploma certifying them to have undergone 200 hours of training in Expressive arts therapy. 

About Expressive arts therapy:

Expressive arts therapy is the practice of using storytelling, singing, instrumental music, movement and dance, drama, and visual arts, all together, in an integrated way, to foster human growth, development, and healing.

Expressive arts therapy is predicated on the assumption that people can heal through use of imagination and the various forms of creative expression.

An Expressive arts therapist may specialise in a particular modality, but Expressive arts therapy is an inter-modal therapeutic discipline in which the therapist and client may move freely between drawing, dancing, music, drama, poetry, etc. 

In Expressive arts therapy, when the therapist and client see fit to do so, they discuss the client’s feelings and thoughts that have arisen in the client in the process of the client expressing him/herself in the artistic process.

Expressive arts therapy focuses on the client’s experience of expression, and on reflection upon the client’s feelings and thoughts that may have arisen during this experience.  The artistic product is of secondary importance.

Expressive arts therapy utilises a gentle non-judgmental approach, enabling the client to become aware of what is happening in his/her unconscious - through artistic expression, and then reflection upon and discussion about this expression.

Expressive arts therapy uses creative processes in therapeutic, rehabilitative, community, or educational settings to foster health, communication, and expression; promote the integration of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social functioning; enhance self-awareness; and facilitate change, including in relation to personal growth and community development.

Expressive arts therapy can be practiced with individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Training Venue - Women's Christian College, Nungambakkam, Chennai

Course Fee - Rs 75,000/=

For further details:

Application forms will be available after Nov 10th with Dr Veena Esvaradoss, Psychology department, WCC and at the East West Center for Counselling's office.

Center for Counselling - (044) -42080810/ +91 9884100135
WCC - (044) - 28275926/ 28231676/ - ext 323(psychology department)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Art therapy course in Women's Christian College

This course is a special course for students of psychology from Women's Christian College. Students from other colleges studying counselling, social work or psychology(women students only) if interested in the course need to call 9884100135 for a brief interview. 

About the course:

Certificate: This is a certificate course for 50 hours. The students will get a certificate on completion of the course which is - making the case presentation which demonstrates their understanding on the subject. The certificate will be a joint certificate from East West Center for Counselling and Training, Chennai and Arts Interventions, Los Angels, USA and Women's Christian College.

Course Content:

Art Explorations This provides opportunity for the exploration of art materials in support of the development of and methods to use art in psychotherapy. This course will also cover self help art therapy techniques that can be used for clients as well as therapist for relieving stress and anxiety.
Fundamentals Marriage and Family Therapy This provides an introduction to systems theory as a foundation to therapeutic intervention. The groundwork provides the conceptual view for the exploration of various theoretical perspectives. A variety of family structures including traditional and non-traditional forms are studied as well as their clinical implications for the therapist.

Mental Health Settings Studies Using Art Therapy Techniques This will cover intake assessments and diagnosis according to the DSM-IV in addition to methods of using art therapy techniques in schools, hospitals, mental health, substance abuse facilities and private practice. It will also cover distance art therapy techniques that can be used by clients via live webcast.

Psychological Testing and Statistics Review of formal and informal psychological tests used for assessment, including issues of reliability, validity and item content. Projective drawings and structured clinical interviews are covered. Art assessments such as the H-T-P (House Tree Person) and Silvers Drawing assessments will be included in this course.

5 hours              Art Explorations
10 hours            Family Therapy
5 hours            Psychological Testing
5 hours            Mental Health Settings
10 hours             Trauma
5 hours           Art Explorations
5 hours           Mental Health issues due to physical illness/ injury
5 hours            Class project
Students are expected to attend all the classes.

The class will be held in WCC and will be twice or sometimes thrice a week between 1.30 to 4.30 PM.

For further details contact: 9884100135/ 044 - 42080810

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Certificate courses July 2011 to November 2012

Art therapy Certificate courses

For the first time in India, East West Center for Counselling, Chennai is introducing Art Therapy Certificate Courses

Profile of the Trainer Melba Thorn USA

Melba Thorn  M.A. MFTI, Artist BFA, Rietveltd Academy, Amsterdam. M.A. Marital and Family Therapy specializing in “Clinical Art Therapy” at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She  has used Art therapy in a variety of settings such as Substance Abuse, Cancer survivors support groups, Victims of crime, PTSD treatment, Vocational Burnout, Chronically Mentally Ill clinics as well as Individual and Family Therapy.

Beginning this July, 2011 (on weekends, month long courses) we bring you art therapy tools and techniques in working through

1.     Trauma,
2.     Grief and loss,
3.     Substance abuse,
4.     Managing vocational burn out,
5.     Couple and marriage therapy,
6.     Depression and anxiety
7.     Behavior modification training for school counsellors/ parents
8.     Personal development

A one year Diploma course in Art therapy from September 2011 to Aug 2012

Only limited seats are available per course.

For more information contact:   9884100135/ 42080810


1.    Art therapy for people experiencing trauma weekends or week days - You choose

a) Date: 4 Weekends (beginning 16 July to 7 Aug) and 
b) Dates: 
3,4 (Wed, Thurs) - Using various art techniques
10,11(Wed, Thurs) - Introduction to art therapy
17,18 (Wed, Thurs) - Art therapy in Trauma 
24,25 (Wed, Thurs) - Art therapy in Trauma   
31 Aug, 1 Sept (Wed, Thurs) - (Art therapy in Trauma )

Fees: Rs 15000/=

This one month long course will educate participants to  apply practical strategies to your work with children and adults who have experienced a wide variety of traumatic events. This course is open to mental health and healthcare professionals and students; no previous experience with art therapy is required

The course consists of a series of presentations, interactive discussions and table group activities designed to support participants learning of key concepts, knowledge and skills required to implement trauma art therapy treatment. 

Models of trauma art therapy are outlined as well as using art in the trauma narrative process . 

Students will report to class 10 days in all and will be assigned a project which needs to be completed with one client. Students will complete 60 hours classwork and 20 hours of practical work including preparation and writing up the project, in all the students will complete 80 hours.

·      The purpose of the trauma art therapy training is to prepare counsellors/ therapists to provide for and respond to 

  •      The psychological needs of people who have experienced trauma.
  •      Support opportunities for storytelling thorough art created.      
  •      Encourage and provide creative choices for open, self expression.
  •      Create a safe, inviting, and structured environment for clients to express through art free of judgment.
  •       Learn to help clients validate their experience, educate normalize trauma reactions, promoting emotional expression, coping skills and stress management.
Learning Outcome: Participants will be able to

  •       Identify the continuum of trauma events and experiences
  •      Utilize art in the trauma narrative process
  •      Describe the unique qualities of art in the treatment of trauma
  •      Identify the application of trauma art therapy in various setting·

2.    Clinical Art therapy course

Date: September 2011 to August 2012 - One year Programme
Fees: Rs 50,000/=

This course will explore practical strategies to engage with families, couples, with children and adults in therapeutic environment. We will explore issues like anger management, substance abuse, adjustment disorder, effective communication,grief and loss, stress management and vocational burnout. This will be a hands on training where students will have to work in therapeutic settings and submit art work completed with clients and families to qualify for the certificate. This course is open to mental health and healthcare professionals and students. No previous experience with art is required. 

4.    Expressive Arts therapy course

Date: December 2011 to November 2012 - One year Programme
Fees: Rs 60,000/=

This course content will give exposure to music therapy, psychodrama, play back theatre, movement therapy, storytelling, counselling/ psychology component compulsory, expressive art therapy. Participants will learn how to use art, clay, play, theatre, acting, movement, in therapeutic settings. Participants will have hands on training and will have to complete project work and assignments to qualify for the certificate. The trainers for this course - Dr Herb Propper, Jennie Kristel, Monique McGrath, Dr Eric Miller, Dr Veena Eavardoss and Magdalene Jeyarathnam

Dec - 12 to 21 , 2011(10 days)

  1. Psychodrama - Dr Herb Propper(USA)
  2. Music therapy - Monique Mcgrath (Canada)
  3. Ethics, Boundaries, Confidentiality Indian context - Magdalene Jeyarathnam(India)
March 2012 dates not fixed yet (10 days)
  1. Submission of assignments and sharing of experiences
  2. Playback theatre - Jennie Kristel (USA)
July 2012 dates not fixed yet (10 days)
  1.  Submission of assignments and sharing of experiences
  2. Storytelling - Dr Eric Miller(India)
Final submission of assignments in November and certificates will be issued only on completion of the projects in December 2012. We are preparing you for actually doing these therapies.

Total class hours will be 180 hours
Project (3) - 70 hours
Total - 250 hours 

The training methodology is experiential learning using various art techniques such as: Art work. Clay, Collages, Group Discussion, Games and Exercises, Case studies, Role -Play Presentation, extensive mentoring from practioners and Testimonies.

Venue: Nungambakkam, Chennai, 
Time: 10 AM to 4 PM
No of participants limited for all courses

For further details:

Contact - 9884100135/ 9884700164/ 42080810
email - 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Counselling skills certificate course

Counselling skills Certificate course 

Venue: Nungambakkam, 20 June to 30 June 2011(25th sat - 1 PM to 4 PM & 26th sun holiday)
Time: 10 AM to 4 PM
Fees: Rs 7000/=

Center for Counselling offers this certificate course for anyone who wishes to pursue counselling as a career, NGO workers, students, this can be a refresher course for anyone who has already studied counselling.

Objectives of the Course:

1)To acquire counselling skills
2)To bridge the gap between counselling theory and practice
3)To help establish and support those  who aspire to become counsellors
4)To promote social,emotional and moral wellbeing

Details of the Course:

1)The course specifically targets students of social work / psychology and particularly those who are considering counselling as a career.
2)The course will be helpful for practicing counsellors to refresh their skills

Training Methodology:

The training methodology is participatory learning using techniques such as

1)Group Discussion
2)Games and Exercises
3)Case studies
4)Role -Play Presentation

For further details:
9884700164/ 4208010

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Summer Camp for teenagers (12 to 15 years)

Summer Camp for teenagers - Life skills training

The teenage years of ones life is very challenging. Every teenager is trying to assert his/her right as an adult; they are trying to break free from all reminders of being a child.  As young adults they have lots of questions which are not just about academics. Life skill education can help a teenager manage the school, home and social environment more efficiently.

Center for Counselling, Chennai specializes in child counselling and child related developmental activities. Based on our experience of working with teenagers and young adults w have created and moulded this programme / activities to promote healthy emotional and psychological development of children and teenagers. Center for Counselling is organising a unique summer camp for teenagers(12 to 15 year olds) to enrich their personality. 

Summer camps provide a platform for teenagers to learn new things in fun ways. This Summer camps helps teenagers develop their social skills, build confidence, self-respect and leadership skills. It is a great opportunity to make new friends, learn new things and go on a journey towards self-discovery. 

Goal Setting, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Assertiveness, Negotiation skills, Interpersonal skills and relationship skills, Advocacy skills, coping with Stress, Gender and Attraction.

Loads of fun, learning and excitement awaits your teenager at our camp this summer. 

For more details contact - 044-42080810/ 9884700135
Venue: Nungambakkam, Chennai
Age: 12 to 15 year olds
Date  :  2nd May-13th May 2011[Weekend Holiday]
Time :  10:00am -12:30pm
Cost : Rs 3,500/ child, Two children from the same family pay Rs 3000/ child, 
         Five children from the same school Rs 2500/ child 

Counselling helplines - 9884700106(English), 9884700104(Tamil)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Art therapy techniques used in couples and family counselling

March 12th and 13th, 2011

Art Therapy Techniques used in Family and Couples Counseling

A clinical 2 day workshop to explore creative ways to engage families and couples in therapeutic environment.  Art activities for families to explore issues such as: boundaries, anger management, substance abuse, adjustment disorder, non violent communication, grief and loss, codependence, stress management and vocational burnout.

What you will learn
  • Self help techniques to give to clients outside of treatment
  • Facilitate non threatening self expression and communication within the family
  • Inspire self-discovery or simple relaxation
  • Provide an opportunity for couples and families to express difficult emotions without the use of words
  • Guide in releasing emotional conflicts locked in the subconscious
Dates ; 12 and 13 March, 2011 (Registration open)
Time : 10 AM to 4 PM                                  
Venue : Nungambakkam, Chennai

For: Counsellors/ Psychologists/ therapists/ students studying psychology/counselling
Cost : Rs 3000 (inclusive business lunch)
For more details contact - 42080810/ 9884700135

Facilitated by Melba Thorn M.A. Clinical Art Therapist

About Melba Thorn

Melba Thorn  M.A. MFTI, Artist BFA, Rietveltd Academy, Amsterdam. M.A. Marital and Family Therapy specializing in “Clinical Art Therapy” at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She  has used Art therapy in a variety of settings such as Substance Abuse, Cancer survivors support groups, Victims of crime, PTSD treatment, Vocational Burnout, Chronically Mentally Ill clinics as well as Individual and Family Therapy. Melba is an Artist that uses very alternative mediums for relaxation and healing. She is involved in many community organizations and enjoys exposing people of all ages to enjoy the art making process. 

Look up this link: Report 20 March 2011

We had a good response to the workshop. We had 13 participants of which 11 were counsellors and one special educator, 2 were students - one studying Msc counselling and the other who wishes to pursue a counselling masters next year.
The overall feedback about the training was good. The participants were private practitioners, counsellors working in substance abuse/ domestic violence programmes.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Group Counselling Sessions using Art from 13th to 15th December 2010

Venue: Kellys Girls Home 

 We conducted three consecutive days of group counselling sessions using Art for the children of kellys girls home . It was organized by World vision.Various art techniques were used as therapeutic tools.The tools applied are given below along with the objectives and a brief description of the activity.

Date- 13/12/2010
Objective- The goal was to create awareness  of what they feel at the moment.The children were asked to stick together their own choices of magazine cut outs that best described their feelings.
Tool-  Collage

 1) The goal was to help the children define their social atom
 2)The theme of a tree was used to bring clarity into their future aims and objectives and what was needed to achieve it.

Date- 15/12/2010
Objective- The main objective for the day was to help group members see that they could draw support from one another.
1) The theme of a garden was used to achieve the above objective
2) An interconnected map of the group was created, which was used to make them feel deeply connected to one another using drawing and collage.

The three day session using Art therapy was  successful in making each child feel more connected with oneself and the others around.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Counselling skills Certificate course - Stella Maris College

Venue: Stella Maris, 6th December 2010
Center for Counselling and Stella Maris College for Women jointly inaugurated the "Counselling Skills Certificate Course" for social work students.

Sr Principal, Mrs Arundhati Roy-counsellor,  Sister Coleen North-Vice Principal, Mrs Sandra-Head of Social work Department, Sheela- Professor of Social work Department, Dr Eric Miller from Center for Counselling addressed the students, who had gathered to be a part of the inauguration function.

Objectives of the Course:
1)To acquire counselling skills
2)To bridge the gap between counselling theory and practice
3)To help establish and support those social work students who aspire to become counsellors
4)To promote social,emotional and moral wellbeing

Details of the Course:
1)The course specifically targets students of Social work and particularly students who are considering counselling as a career.
2)The course is five hours a week for 12 weeks and for a total of 60 hours(After College hours)

Training Methodology:
The training methodology is participatory learning using techniques such as
1)Group Discussion
2)Games and Exercises
3)Case studies
4)Role -Play Presentation

Group Counselling session using Art -November 12th

Venue: Kellys Girls Home

Center for Counselling conducted a half day Counselling session, for the young women of reception unit in Kellys Girls Home using Art therapy. It was  organized and funded by World Vision.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Parents workshops at Alpha School

Venue: Alpha Matriculation Hr Sec School, November 10th, 2010

Center for Counselling organized an interactive session  with the parents of 10th and 12th students of Alpha Matriculation Hr Sec School.

The issues that were discussed surrounded the problems and anxieties commonly faced by parents of 10th and 12th children.

1)Both, parents and children face Exam fear due to the pressure of Expectations.This is a common problem for children who are struggling hard to perform well.Brilliant children who are anxious to keep up the expectations also face intense Exam Fear.This can have a negative impact on their performance. In order to tackle Exam fever, breathing techniques to be practiced before writing the exam were taught; this would help the child calm down and focus.

2)The program stressed the importance of physical and Emotional health of children and its crucial role in their academic performance.

3)Most of the parents stop the children from participating in any extra curricular activity, they also stop the child from continuing his/her hobby. The session stressed the negative impact of withholding the child from doing such activities. It stressed the positive impacts of hobbies and extra curricular activities that would help the child perform better in all aspects of life.

5)Motivation is a very important factor in any performance therefore we discussed  the different ways to increase a child s motivation.

Parents of 10th and 12 students

Parents Workshop for Parents of Pre schoolers on 3rd December 2010

Venue: Alpha School

An Interactive session with the parents of Preschoolers(3 to 4 ear olds) of Alpha Matriculation School was conducted by us. Some of the important issues discussed were

The essential nutrition required  for the particular age group [3-4] was discussed

Developmental Milestone
Physical,Cognitive and Emotional development of the children belonging to this age group were discussed.

Effective ways of parenting pre-schoolers was also one of the main objectives of the session.

Counselling Workshop for TANSACS ART Counsellors

Follow up Counseling Toolkit Training workshop for TANSACS-ART counsellors from Oct 25th- 29th
1)To train the counsellors for follow up counselling in terms of improving  the
 lives of PLHA and stopping the spread of HIV via prevention with positive
2)To demonstrate the appropriate ways to use the follow up counselling toolkit with HIV clients.

Tools Applied:      
Case studies
Role plays
Large and small group discussion
 Individual work and discussions
Brainstorming sessions
 Trigger Videos & activities

ART Counsellors training

Counsellors doing various activities

Rotary Club - Oct 21,2010

Meeting with Rotary Club Members

Psychodrama workshops

Psychodrama Workshops with Dr Herb Propper

10 & 17 Jan, 2011 - Workshop on Psychodrama for the students doing the Counselling Certificate Course of the Stella Maris College

13 to 16 Jan, 2011 - Personal growth/work group for women at ICSA, Egmore

17 & 18 Jan, 2011 - Personal growth using psychodrama, on invitation only