Monday, May 17, 2010

Arts based therapy Sessions - Announcement

Center for Counselling, Chennai


Arts Based group therapy sessions


About the group sessions


The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community(LGBT/ GLBT) constitutes around 5 % of the general population according to certain studies. Modern or post colonial India is still awakening to the fact that the LGBT community very much exists and are struggling to assert their basic and fundamental human rights.

The Delhi High court reading down of Section 377, on July 2nd 2009 clearly states that consenting adults(over 18 years old) of the same gender should not be criminalised for loving or having a relationship.

Even then we see people living alternate sexual lives being treated with despise or ridiculed. My work shows that majority of my clients suffer from low to really low self esteem, varying degrees of guilt, some level of clinical depression and an over riding feeling of anxiety and panic. Having to lead a double life by acting something for the sake of their families and the community and being a different person in a gay friendly environment takes a toll on them emotionally and this in turn affects several aspects of their life.

One huge sacrifice for a typical gay/ bisexual person to satisfy their family very often is to get married and this in turn leads to more guilt and suffering not only to themselves but also to the other person and their family. I have found the need to work with parents and support persons of the LGBT community in order to help them come to accept the sexuality of their children or friends.

Studies show that LGBT population are more likely to be treated for anxiety, panic disorder, depression, poor self esteem, eating disorders or to develop alcohol/ drug dependency when compared to the general population (Cochran, Mays, Alegria, Ortega, and Takeuchi, 2007).
Violence, discrimination is a part of every day life for most of the LGBT community. Gay and lesbian adolescents report attempted suicide at least twice the rate of their heterosexual adolescents (Russell & Joyner, 2001). The average high school student may hear anti gay remarks at school as many as 25 times a day (Callahan, 2001)

Group therapy sessions:

Center for Counselling announces an opportunity for members of the LGBT community to come for arts based group sessions. Each session will be for 90 minutes.

The theme for the sessions are

Improving perception of oneself(improving self esteem, confidence)

Caring for self

Improving self expression

We will complete 20 sessions. Beginning May 17th 2010 until July 31st 2010.

We will use creative writing, creative movement,  story circle, drum circle, drawing, painting, collages etc. all from a therapeutic perspective.

The sessions are free. We are going to take 8 to a maximum of 10 participants, so please get in touch if you wish to take part or recommend friends who might benefit.

For time and Venue  information

please contact us at:

9884700104/ 9884100135