Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stress and Anger Management Workshop July 26th to July 29th 2008

Various topics were covered in the workshop that increased one's awareness of personal stressors and the triggers of anger and stress. Participatory learning techniques like exercises, games were used to overcome stress and anger.

Yoga, creative movements and relaxation techniques were some of the strategies used to overcome stress.

Some of the feedback from the participants was

“The workshop was excellent ..I have no words to express….. I learnt to maintain and stay calm, live without stress and some points (tips) for that was very useful, Self care, handling of critical situation, excellent guided imaginary, modern yoga , balanced diet and its necessity was great. It was a great opportunity to analysis everything with Ms. Magdalene. … I liked the methodology … Hospitality and everything was in the top most position. …But I felt that the workshop was short …..” – Shiva kumar, Sangama, Chennai

“This workshop was very good and very useful for life…. The few points I learnt was what is stress? How it affects us, What is anger and how it affects us. .. Ho w to handle stress…… Importance of exercises…... .. How to solve problems………..The games and activities in the workshop was very good and very useful………The food was very good and the training space was very good……… everything was good and it was very useful and important personally to me………..” – Sundar , Sahodaran, Chennai

Mrinalini Sekar Life style Management consultant facilitated the creative movement session

Some of the feedback were

  • Activities were very deep and lots of emotions came out, it could have been nice if one issue is discussed among stress. (Just a suggestion)
  • Theory about morning session was very very important. Tips about food, diet, exercise were very informative.
  • Very intense and internal thinking triggers with activities, so as a therapist how to take care.
  • On the whole Stress and Anger was released and thought provoking.

- Geethu Pappu, Chennai

  • The session was wonderful on lifestyle management. The importance of physical fitness was well explained. Especially the lifestyle clouds exercise was wonderful; it made me realize my stress points.... Simple exercises were thought (Easy practice at home).

- Mohan Babu, Hoper's Foundation