Saturday, January 15, 2011

Parents workshops at Alpha School

Venue: Alpha Matriculation Hr Sec School, November 10th, 2010

Center for Counselling organized an interactive session  with the parents of 10th and 12th students of Alpha Matriculation Hr Sec School.

The issues that were discussed surrounded the problems and anxieties commonly faced by parents of 10th and 12th children.

1)Both, parents and children face Exam fear due to the pressure of Expectations.This is a common problem for children who are struggling hard to perform well.Brilliant children who are anxious to keep up the expectations also face intense Exam Fear.This can have a negative impact on their performance. In order to tackle Exam fever, breathing techniques to be practiced before writing the exam were taught; this would help the child calm down and focus.

2)The program stressed the importance of physical and Emotional health of children and its crucial role in their academic performance.

3)Most of the parents stop the children from participating in any extra curricular activity, they also stop the child from continuing his/her hobby. The session stressed the negative impact of withholding the child from doing such activities. It stressed the positive impacts of hobbies and extra curricular activities that would help the child perform better in all aspects of life.

5)Motivation is a very important factor in any performance therefore we discussed  the different ways to increase a child s motivation.

Parents of 10th and 12 students

Parents Workshop for Parents of Pre schoolers on 3rd December 2010

Venue: Alpha School

An Interactive session with the parents of Preschoolers(3 to 4 ear olds) of Alpha Matriculation School was conducted by us. Some of the important issues discussed were

The essential nutrition required  for the particular age group [3-4] was discussed

Developmental Milestone
Physical,Cognitive and Emotional development of the children belonging to this age group were discussed.

Effective ways of parenting pre-schoolers was also one of the main objectives of the session.

Counselling Workshop for TANSACS ART Counsellors

Follow up Counseling Toolkit Training workshop for TANSACS-ART counsellors from Oct 25th- 29th
1)To train the counsellors for follow up counselling in terms of improving  the
 lives of PLHA and stopping the spread of HIV via prevention with positive
2)To demonstrate the appropriate ways to use the follow up counselling toolkit with HIV clients.

Tools Applied:      
Case studies
Role plays
Large and small group discussion
 Individual work and discussions
Brainstorming sessions
 Trigger Videos & activities

ART Counsellors training

Counsellors doing various activities

Rotary Club - Oct 21,2010

Meeting with Rotary Club Members

Psychodrama workshops

Psychodrama Workshops with Dr Herb Propper

10 & 17 Jan, 2011 - Workshop on Psychodrama for the students doing the Counselling Certificate Course of the Stella Maris College

13 to 16 Jan, 2011 - Personal growth/work group for women at ICSA, Egmore

17 & 18 Jan, 2011 - Personal growth using psychodrama, on invitation only