Friday, February 13, 2015

Body Image Workshop for Teenage Girls

Hazel Nayantara, a Post-Graduate student from Madras School of Social Work, an intern at our organization, along with our school counsellor, Diana Rachel conducted a one day Body Image workshop for a group of 40 teenage girls.

These young girls have a misconstrued image of the physical appearances of their body. When these girls were asked 'Who feels beautiful?' in the group, merely two or three girls raised their hands. 
This helps us understand that young girls often deal with body image issues. This is an increasing risk within the teenage girls population as it can impact self-esteem and lead to eating disorders. 

This workshop aimed at helping these young girls understand what body image is, why it is important for us to feel good about our bodies, and also the impact of messages that are received through the media and other sources about body types. Each girl has to feel innately beautiful, in order to truly accept the way they look. 

At the end of the workshop, the girls felt more comfortable in addressing issues and doubts that they had and were more open in accepting themselves the way they are. 

Our intern, Hazel presenting the Body Image workshop to the entire class