Friday, October 21, 2016

RYLA - ROTARY MADRAS SOUTH (15-10-2016 and 16-10-2016)

The East West Center For Counselling and Rotary Club combined and conducted a two days camp at Ennore Chennai. 54 students from Chennai girls school participated in the camp.


The core objective of the camp is to enhance the leadership quality in students.


1#  There were different sessions conducted for the students of chennai girls, based on expressive arts. One was collage making through which the students were asked to create a collage out of magazine pictures reflecting themselves and there feelings.
2#  A role play session was conducted by CFC staff which also had an impact on the students.The session helped the students to find their strength and weakness.


1#  In each session the students took interest in making their piece of art to the best of their ability covering every aspect of the way they wants their lives to turn out to be.

2#   The students found it very useful as they were able to get to know each other on a more broader note and also to understand oneself better.

3#  Through proper guidance and support each child can achieve their dreams.