Sunday, December 21, 2008

Second Grief Counselling Workshop Dec 17 to 19, 2008

Center for counselling ran another workshop on loss and grief. The feedback of this workshop is given below:

“The workshop sessions were effective and good and in a way helped to rethink the learnt subjects. Also new informations were shared by  the trainer in the areas of understanding the actual situation of the person in / living with grief due to a loss and how to deal / help himself by getting into the “Shoes of that person” and making him to cope up with the situation.  The few points I learnt from the workshop was about the grief strategies that different people adopt based on his personality in different situations of loss and grief. I also learnt about Elizabeth Kubler Ross Stages of grief and the rating scales and how to use it carefully and correctly. Understanding people and using words carefully especially towards the minority groups. I also learnt about the difference between grief and trauma and also better understanding about grief, stress and depression. I liked the methodology small group was very effective to get the concentration of the participants and also the attentiveness. The hospitality was good and very homely atmosphere. Some comments and suggestions are some more materials can be given, role play can be made, time management can be enhanced. On the whole the training was very flexible and good”- S.Godwin Ebenezer “Caruna Bal Vikas” Chennai.

“The workshop session was good, different and practical. The few points that I learnt was to speakless, to be oneself , render help from the receivers perspective and not from the giver. I liked the methodology and the hospitality was good” - Lawrance  David “Caruna Bal Vikas” Chennai.

“The workshop session was a new experience and had a chance to know different organization and intellectual people. It increased my confidence level to continue my job. The few points that I learnt from the workshop was more things through this workshop. I learnt about what is loss and grief, difference between grief and stress and also how to identify the level of depression and grief and also about how one can cope up for one more loss and grief . It was a good opportunity to realize my loss and  grief in my life. I liked the methodology very much. The Hospitality was very good”- Mercy Vinola “Selvi Memorial Illam Society” Chennai.

“The workshop session was very good I learnt a lot personally and for my area of work. The few points that I learnt from the workshop was to personally understand my role (i.e) to be more sensitive to little thing that children bring about and also learnt that every action has something to tell. This helps me to understand the client and also my own family better. The methodology was good. The games could be bit focused but we loved the games. The hospitality was good and the workshop was good and nice. I enjoyed it and it was more a learning process and learnt a new concept” - Samuel Pradheep Rajah “Caruna Bal Vikas” Chennai.

“The workshop was excellent especially the Oppari Video document was very good and new and it also shows the importance in a particular situation (death). The few points I learnt from the workshop was handling of crisis situation, pointing out a criticism in a very right manner. I also learnt about the ritual connection to the context” - Siva kumar “ Sangama” Chennai.

“The workshop session was very good and I felt very comfortable, language was very clear and fluent. Maintaining time was good and nothing was wrong. The few points that I learnt from the workshop was to understand the difference between grief, loss, depression and stress. I also learnt about the different types of grief and how o overcome loss/ grief. I like the methodology it made me comfortable and happy. The hospitality was good and the atmosphere was relaxed and homely. Some of the suggestion and comments is that all the best for your continuous session. Make policy and strategies charges for our social services in border perspective” - Daisy David “World Vision India” Chennai.


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