Monday, October 2, 2017

Psychodrama Workshop on Inner Healing and Catharsis

Outcomes of the Workshop:
  1. Increased self awareness
  2. Embracing / accepting oneself
  3. Changes perception of others in relation to self
  4. Improves personal relationships
  5. Brings clarity in professional relationships
Venue & Dates for the Workshop:
Delhi: 11th & 12th October
Mumbai: 21st & 22nd October
Madurai: 11th & 12th November
Time: 9.30 am to 4 pm
For Additional Information, Please Contact:
98847 00135 / 98847 00104

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What is psychodrama?
This is essentially a group action method. This could be used in clinical setting (hospitals, therapy centers), non-clinical setting like a business establishment in team building, conflict management, stress management, identifying and working with stress, improving communication, building trust, identifying issues etc. This is a spontaneous and creative method which is used by certified psychodramtists who is otherwise called the Psychodrama director. A director enables or facilitates a re-enactment of real life situations, past incidents / situations or an inner mental process but,  acting them out in the present time.
Who should train?
If you are working in a HR team, as a corporate trainer, team leaders, life coaches or mentors. This training will give you additional tools to understand your team members better. This training will enable you to build the teams you are working with.
Magdalene Jeyarathnam, has worked for 20 plus years as a Counsellor, Expressive Arts therapist and is a board certified Psychodramatist. She has worked as consultant to several governments as WHO and UNICEF consultant. She is a member of the International association of Group Psychotherapy and Group process, she is also a member of Moreno Psychodrama Society, which is affiliated to the Australian and Aotearoa (New Zealand) Board of Psychodrama (ABP). She is the co-founder of the Expressive Arts Therapy Association of India. She is a faculty in Indian Institute of Psychodrama which she founded in 2013 after working in bringing world class psychodrama trainers to India since 2009. She is also the Director of East West Center for Counselling and Training which is an Expressive Arts Therapy Center based in Chennai, India.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Art from the heart on 16 September 2017

The Third session of Art from the Heart on 16th September had 11 participants.

                                Today's Directive: Create An artwork with materials from Nature.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Art from the Heart on 9th September 2017

The second session of Art from the Heart on 9th Sep had 12 participants. They made paintings and artworks on the directive: "Create your own Mandala drawing or painting"

Art from the Heart on 2nd Sep 2017

An enthusiastic small group of participants created artworks on the topic " Draw an object or symbol that represents yourself".

Introductory Workshop on Storytelling Therapy

For more information please click
To Register Contact : 9884700104 / 9884700135

Storytelling Therapy Course and Workshop

Storytelling Therapy is one of the Creative Arts Therapies (also known as, the Expressive Therapies), along with Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Visual Art Therapy, etc.
Storytelling Therapy involves working with stories that relate to clients’ experiences.  Participants  would learn about, and would receive training in,  Storytelling Therapy methods. These methods  can be used for Psychological Counselling, as  well as for Coaching, Personality Development Facilitating, Life Skills Training, and Healing.
 Certificates of Participation would be given by the East West Center for Counselling and Training. 
Info about the 13-session Course (via Videoconference) is at
Info about the 7-session Workshop (at Harrington Road) is at

Art from the Heart – Art Session on Saturdays

An art space for children, young people and families to imagine, express and create art. It is rare in Chennai to find a space for people to come together and create art. We are happy to provide you with this exciting opportunity for people to come and engage in the creative process.
Time : 11 am to 12 pm
Venue: 14, 2nd Avenue, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600031
Admission Fee : Rs.100