Sunday, December 21, 2008

Parenting workshop and Teachers workshop in Olcott Memorial School Dec 20 2008

Parenting workshop:

Parents of 7 th standard students attended this workshop. We had parents complaining about
  1. Children becoming more angry, moody and rebellious
  2. Not concentrating on their studies
We brought up the issue of disciplining children without beating them. This raised a lot of discussion. This session surely raised consciousness about positive ways of disciplining children.

Followed by this workshop we did a second part of the 

Teachers Workshop

Here the teachers discussed some of the points they had discussed in the last session. The last session the teachers discussed their personal experiences of childhood where adults had physically, emotionally or verbally abused them. They had made a list of insights based on their sharing. 

They shared those insights with others and we led a discussion of why children should not be abused in the classroom. It was very interesting to note that almost all the teachers said they beat their own children.  During the course of the discussion these were some issues that came up:

  1. Maybe we beat children because we are unable to cope with our own emotions of frustration or tiredness
  2. We maybe making children into very aggressive or angry adults
The third meeting we planned to show some techniques of positive disciplining of children.

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