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Art therapy Workshop - Jen Kristel

A brief background to Expressive Art Therapy(including Art Therapy)

Art therapy has evolved since the beginning of humankind. In the 1800’s Hans Prinzhorn observed that the art of those in mental institutions seemed to help and support those doing the art by creating a place of release. It developed more strongly after World War II as Margaret Naumburg, worked with children who were dealing with trauma of losing their families and displacement from their homes. It is a gentle non judgmental approach, allowing the person to experience through art materials what is happening for them in their unconscious. “Making the unconscious, conscious”.

Through visual art, action methods such as sociometry, psychodrama, drama therapy and theatre games that promote wellness and community, clients are supported in looking at and understanding deep and often complex issues. The creative arts; drama, visual art, writing (prose and poetry) dance, storytelling and music involve creative expression as a means for healing the mind, body and spirit. The therapist acts as a guide in a co-creative process as the participant develops a relationship with her/himself through the artistic medium. In one manner, the participant removes their “conscious” ego selves in order to be able to understand the unconscious world, of feelings, spirit, and dreams. Feelings of all nature can be explored in a safe environment. Using the arts allows a person to unconsciously uncover and understand blocks through symbolic language, that keep one from going forward with their lives and dreams for the future. As one paints, moves, writes or acts from this place, one creates a dialogue with the self. One can draw or paint, dance or write from many different view points. One can go deeply into one aspect of an issue a little piece at a time in order to understand it more fully. By expressing oneself through the creative arts, one is utilizing both physical and emotional bodies to explore issues, through color, kinesthetic, shape, texture, and form. One is not limited to one art form to understanding oneself through the creative arts. The diverse arts complement each other.

Stopping talk allows a person to immediately experience themselves in a whole other manner. This does not discount the power of talk therapy however; talking often brings a person out of the deeper, more emotional places where feeling occurs. Talking often keeps a person on the surface more easily. Using the arts often goes to the core of an issue, since there is little in the way to block deep feeling and awareness. The arts can often be a direct link with the unconscious archetypal level and the part of us that speaks what is true and what is real and often through symbolic language.

Using the arts is a direct, yet gentle nonjudgmental approach. There can not be any judgment when it comes to the therapeutics aspects of art.

Duration - 5 days

Dates - 17 to 21 November 2009(Tue to Sat)

Timing - 10 AM to 5 PM

Participant list of Art Therapy workshop



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Archanaa Seker



Archana Joshi



Aruna Jothi











Magdalene Jeyarathnam



Sara Kachwala







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Profile of Jennie Kristel

Jen Kristel, M.A. has a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy. She is certified as an Expressive Therapist. She is a Master/Teacher of the Usui Method of Reiki and Karuna Reiki. She is certified as a trainer of the Playback Theatre Method, and teaches this as well as Art Therapy both in the States and internationally. She is a lead foreign adviser for the Bangladesh Therapeutic Theatre Institute and supervises students and on going projects there. Based in Vermont USA, Jen teaches the expressive therapies at Burlington College and has a private practice.Jen's background includes training in Jungian Dreamwork and Dream Theatre (with Jeremy Taylor) and comes from a Jungian/Humanist perspective. Over the years, she has worked in clinical and non-clinical settings bringing the arts to people as a way to support them in healing. She is looking forward to bringing this very important work to Chennai.

Potential Content of 5 day training at the Center for Counselling,

Chennai, India ( 9-5 including 2 breaks and lunch)

The goals of this training to for participants to explore and sample the use of art therapy, in the context of supporting people in times of crises as well as on going support.

Theory and practice of group building through Sociometry exercises

The theory and uses of Art as a therapeutic tool

Neurobiological effects of trauma (or other experiences)

Neurological effects of the use of art to treat differing psychological issues

To practice different aspects of Art Therapy daily

To learn about different ways to use art and therapy, in differing populations (Family, Couples, Psychiatric illnesses, Children, physically challenged, Autistic, Using for empowerment, groups and issues concerning community social action.)

To look at the influences of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Carl Rogers and others on the world of Art Therapy

Ethics of Art therapy from a western perspective- Discussion of ethics from an Indian perspective.

Leading an art therapy session, Warm up to Cool down how to do, and decide which exercise?

Although this is primarily an experiential training, there will be time for discussion , processing and sharing.


sangita said...

Hi,I live in Bangalore,and am very interested in the art therapy workshop by jan Kristel.How can I get to join in?Best regards sangita

archana said...

Hi Magdeline,
Archana Joshi here. How are you?
When are you going to put up the photos of the art therapy workshop?
And are we meeting up anytime for some artwork???:-)

Chennai's Center For Counselling said...

Archana, Jennie has the photos, I did not take any. I forgot to copy it on my computer... She has promised to upload it on piccasa.

LIFE TRUST said...

Hi , This is khushi bulchandani and i am interested in the art based theraphy workshop. Is this happening in Chennai again , if yes pls let me know.

email :
no : 8056177779

Center For Counselling said...

The next expressive arts therapy workshop is Sept - Oct 2010.

LIFE TRUST said...

i would like more details of what is covered in the expressive therapy course.


Center For Counselling said...

Our expressive arts therapy workshop is happening

1) Basics - 27 to 29 Sept 2010
2) Advanced - 30 Sept to 2 Oct (especially for those who completed this last year and for those who are doing basics this year)

Each of these workshops cost Rs 3000/ including lunch, tea and a certificate at the end of each workshop.