Thursday, March 5, 2009

Group therapy for LGBTQ community

CFC has been conducting group therapy sessions for the Tamil and English speaking participants, these sessions that I conduct get supervised by Herb Propper from the US.

These sessions are very interesting and the group seems to enjoy it very much. Some issues that came up for discussion were:

  1. Deciding future of an individual regarding career choice vs her political work relating to gender issues
  2. Frustration relating to family pressure on getting married - this was a hot topic brought up by the group members and each participant talked about their own perspective of marriage.
  3. Issues of abuse by one's own family members
  4. Self esteem and self worth and saying "no" were some of the issues we discussed
  5. Gearing up for a break up
  6. Dealing with family
  7. Coming out to family
  8. Dealing with violence in the relationship
Each group cycle is 8 sessions - once/ week, we run the sessions once a week in English and once a week in Tamil. We have finished 21 group sessions so far. 

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