Sunday, February 1, 2009

Olcott School group sessions - 28 Jan 2009

We had a very interactive group sessions with children in this school.

We ran two groups 
  1. Anger management group
  2. Behavior management group
Each of these groups had 5 to 6 students, this was a very good experience for us. We did a lot of sociometric exercises and this session was to mainly build the group and to help the group to get to know one another and start to be cohesive.

It was easy to find out the isolates in the group through these activities because both the groups had one child each who were not with the other members and during their sharing, the rest of the group shared what they felt about it and the individual member also shared how they felt. The group reached out to the isolates and this made the children who were left out feel much better instantly.

We have 6 more sessions with these groups, until the end of march and we will write here the progress of these sessions. 

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