Friday, November 28, 2008

Workshop on "Loss and grief counselling" 28th - 30th Nov

The participants of the workshop are counsellors working in schools, HIV/AIDS and MSM project. Those coming from a background of helping clients cope with loss and grief found this workshop very helpful.



What it covers?


What is Grief ?

  • Death and Dying
  • Symptoms of grief


Grief and Depression

  • Understanding of being stuck in grief
  • Difference and similarities between grief and depression


Grief and Stress

  • Co-relation between Stress and Grief


Stages of grief - Dr. Elizabeth Kubler- Ross

·      Video on stages of grief

·       Personal Understanding of grief


Types of bereavement

 Discussion of various types of bereavement


Rituals and cultural response to bereavement

  • Methods of community grieving
  • Importance of rituals


Types of loss/ grief

       Types of losses and one’s response.


Coping with loss and grief

       Helping the counsellor to help the client                to care for oneself.

  • Power of positive attitude
  • Problem solving approach
  • Managing  emotions - learning to relax

       Back to routine


Case studies

  • Presentation and discussion

Some of the feedback from the participants 

“The workshop session was different. The few points that I learnt from the workshop was how to counsel clients with issues of loss and grief. This workshop was totally different and had not heard about it before. It was very interesting and I learnt how to take on this challenge. The hospitality was excellent.” - Ashraf, Islamic School/V Excel chennai.

“The workshop session was very informative. The few points that I learnt from the workshop was validating others emotions by giving them time to speak and cry. I also understood that everybody needs a place and a person to go meet and pour their sorrows. I also learnt that we should be the strong shoulders for them. My suggestions and comments is that please continue with your workshops even if it rains. Congratulations for the  topic you chose it for the current situation and people need these types of workshop to improve one selves and bring peace and happiness in their family”.  - Mariam Basheer, Special educator Chennai

“The workshop session was really excellent for me. Now I can differentiate grief, depression and stress. This is my first counselling workshop but it gave me a lot of knowledge, technique and confidence. The few points that I learnt from the workshop was to measure grief, depression and stress. Different types of losses. How rituals help people. Counselling technique, how to probe so that counsellors get more and more information from client. It was a very good workshop”.- Sudha Jha, SAATHII Calcutta.


“The workshop was very good. The few points that I learnt from the workshop is that everyone experiences loss and grief and it depends on how individuals take it and I also learnt that there are five stage in grieving and we have to accept that. I also learnt the difference between depression, stress and loss. I also learnt how to give counselling to these issues” - K. Sundar, Sahodaran Chennai. 

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