Saturday, May 24, 2008

Child Centered Counselling Training in Ooty - Alliance India

This training in Ooty was for Alliance India - CHAHA project. This training was completed for 20 participants who were mainly counsellors or the supervisors of the project.The participants came from 10 districts in Tamil Nadu. 

Our resource team consisted of Jeeva Raghunath - professional storyteller, Chandra - theatre artist and our director Magdalene Jeyarathnam. The feedback and evaluation we received from the participants was excellent. The entire workshop was for 4 days from 19 to the 22 May 2008. 

The participants work with children who have HIV or whose parents have HIV/AIDS.

By the end of the workshop all participants learnt to tell stories, help children tell stories, draw, help children enact dramas, change the story line into something they want etc.

We also learnt fun exercises which help children to remember to take ART.

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